Need guidance, week 3 flower DWC auto

Hello, I’m in week 3 flower with 2 autoflower Gorilla Zkittlez in a 2x4 tent in individual hydrobuckets. My EC increased dramatically when I started flower nutes a couple weeks ago

, seeing a little sign of burn, semi-expexted that. For the last 2-3 days my right girl has EC continuing to rise to 2.2 and I’ve realized I may have a nutrient lock out. The plant is starting look lighter green than the other as well. I’m planning a full water change to reset, my question is: is it advisable to run strictly water and a flushing product for a day or two before I reintroduce a new fresh batch of nutes?
My thinking here is it will give the plants a rest from the strong nutes and dissolve any solids that may be building up.

What is the pH of you reservoir?

Are you still feeding a nitrogen product?

Your plants look pretty good. I don’t see evidence of excess nutes.

Ph hits 6.2 regularly. I adjust down to 5.8 periodically but it consistently flexes up.

Feeding the full Cyco Platinum line, plus silica, calmag, hydroguard.

The pics may not be the best to show it, I can see tip burn. I took the pics to show the contrast in the two plants, which have been running pretty identical until the last few days.

Still trying to figure out the impact if I flush for two days with R/O, Hydroguard, and Kleanse, which is the flushing product from that line.

Is it ok/wise to do this in order to combat rising EC in righty?