Need game suggestions

When I harvest and cure my first crop around July I plan to have a small pot party for some close friends who indulge. I have a PS5 and a couple of controllers. Anyone have suggestions on some party games for it? Or even something else.


I am an old guy and do enjoy video games, but for pure social interaction I love card games. You get to look at people, talk, joke, jibe and just have fun.
Fun fact…There are so many different combinations of a 52 card deck that in the history of cards there has never been two identical “Well Shuffled” decks of cards.


Play guess the weed flavor.

Write down all of the strains, smoke and guess what strain you smoked.

Came up with this when our plant markers blew away in a wind storm…lol


The local head shop sells a type of pot board game kinda like Monopoly or whatever.

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Not a gamer, but getting high with friends and listening to An American Prayer by Jim Morrison and the Doors would be a very well spent 40 minutes!


Maybe I’ll get out a copy of what I was turned on to in 71 at my first Air Force Base, a new friend introduced me to the bong and Firesign Theater. One Of the greatest moments in my life. ‘Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers!’ is awesome. Only to be exceeded by listening to ‘I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus’ and PF’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ on my first acid trip.

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Not much for party style games on PlayStation. Rocket League and Monopoly are the best I can think of. It Takes 2 would be a good local 2 player co-op game.

Nothing like a 4th of july party with some good smoke. Who needs games? Aerial fireworks while stoned on good homegrown is as apple pie as it gets. Not too mention the bbq prior to the airshow.

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PlayStation there’s a few good ones mainly just two players like it takes to, unraveled. Rayman, plus countless fighting games like mortal kombat, but there’s also price is right, family feud, trivia pursuit etc. but also there’s plenty of outdoor games as well like washers horse shoes lawn darts . And of course can’t go wrong with a deck of cards .

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I like that get outside games :+1::green_heart:
Don’t forget a pile of bones too :wink::cowboy_hat_face: