Need feedback on plant and when to harvest I’m thinkin another month and 3 more feedings then flush

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This is Bruce banner

Not enough info. How long have they been in flower? What makes you think they have another month?

Nice looking plant.

This plant has been growing since April and the buds are very dense and colorful and besides some of the burnt leaves the leaves are changing colors and I didn’t know to much when I started this grow it’s a little to much explaining but my new plants look 10 time better then wat I have grownin now. I still got a lot to learn

You can’t time a plants finishing like that. They finish when they finish. Only way to tell is by trichomes. Get a jewelers loop or a usb microscope and look. You can feed up to twice a week depending on plants and nutes.

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Your right but I believe this plant is about 5-6 months old

That’s a photo period?

Better picture of the buds and a support ticket would help

No its a auto

  • Strain and seed type: Bruce auto
  • Medium (soil, hydroponic, etc.): was using Mother Earth amendment soil now using fox farm.
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: i use water bubblers let it sit for 2-3 days ph 6.3-6.8
  • Strength of nutrient mix, EC, or TDS: was using the wrong nutes at first but using, organic 4-4-4 and 3-9-4 1 Tbs per plant with both nutes, and cal mag 1ml per gallon.
  • Indoor or outdoor: indoor just got 4x4 tent
  • Light system, size: was using cheap 1000 watt led now using maxsisun pb4000.
  • Temperatures day, night: day 70-86, night 70-86 but it has been at 75 for the past week day and night
  • Humidity day, night: * Strain and seed type: day and night 50% to 60%
  • Medium (soil, hydroponic, etc.):
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir:
  • Strength of nutrient mix, EC, or TDS:
  • Indoor or outdoor:
  • Light system, size:
  • Temperatures day, night:
  • Humidity day, night:
  • Ventilation system (yes/no, size): yes 6in inline duct fan with 6 in carbon filter
  • AC, humidifier, de-humidifier:humidifier
  • CO2 (yes/no):no
  • Ventilation system (yes/no, size):
  • AC, humidifier, de-humidifier:
  • CO2 (yes/no):


5 or 6 months is a long time for an auto

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Prolly meant 5 to 6 weeks in flower looks about time to me. It is throwing off alot of foxtails. Might wanna cut down light just a bit to keep the foxtails down some.


Yep you got some fox tails going on, it won’t hurt her but you should raise the light or if you have checked the Trichomes and have mostly 80% milky in color then it’s ready to harvest. Autos do their own thing even ones from the same batch. Some seed distributors will say harvest in 9 weeks some between and some 12 weeks. I don’t follow the harvest times on autos. I harvested one that was 8 days younger than the one I harvested last week. Good info from the growers above :love_you_gesture:


Hello @Mark0427
I’m new to growing myself and am trying to learn as much as I can. I really messed up with my BB auto by over crowding and crappy lighting.
My question is what is fox tailing??

Foxtailing is basically new growth in the final phases of flowering. Most plants will experience a certain level of new growth throughout flowering. It’s to be expected as your buds fatten up. Sometimes the new growth can stack on top of each other, one calyx appearing to grow right out of the last. Looks like little foxtails.

Is foxtailing bad? Imagine you’re baking a cake. You’ve mixed the ingredients, poured the batter in the pan and placed it into your preheated oven. You’ve set your timer and now you wait. Just as the timer is about to go off, the cake baking fairy comes along and adds more batter to your cake. What do you do? Well, almost everyone would agree that you would have a heaping big mess if you pulled the cake out now. You could scrape off the new batter, but we all know the cake won’t be the same. Maybe you could leave it in the oven and let that new batter cook. Well, what happens to the original cake? It didn’t just pause the laws of physics because it was done. Nope, that cake is getting doner and doner. And while most people go for a nice even brown outer crust on their cake, leaving it in the oven past it’s time will result in a darker and darker (maybe even black) cake.

So what do I do? I sit there with a big flyswatter and teach that little flying pest to mind her own baking.

Oh, you meant what do I do about foxtailing. Absolutely nothing. By that I mean I maintain my timeline. If I know my plant will be ready about 8 weeks into flower then at about 7 weeks I start checking my trichomes. The plant has one purpose in it’s life and that’s to reproduce the next generation. If you leave a plant in flower for too long it might go to extreme measures to do just that including produce a lot more calyxes and maybe even turn hermaphroditic. And no one wants that. I might trim any extreme foxtails that might appear in the last week or so, but I wouldn’t sweat a few new calyxes here or there.

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See how it looks like u have a bud growing out of a bud all the blobs of fresh white pistils. Usually a sign its kinda close to done and dimming power would not hurt. Unless u have other plants that need the power. Foxtails usually caused by heat stress.
See how the buds pistils r brown under and new blobs are forming and if u look good most of the foxtails are on the higher up.buds and if u look down lower its not as bad.

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