Need feedback for my autoflowers

Hello my first grow in tent I have 4 autoflower plants I don’t know their strian I run with bio buzz soil mix super soil with 600 led light 18 light on / 6 light off i give them 4 times nutes with week 6 i have been late feeding. I make lst for 2 plants and one plant start budding sooner so I didn’t lst it but now this plant not grow big as before just make the budds bigger. Other plant have yellow bottom leaves and soil is big and take around 1 week to dry when I water it. I think they are fine but I need some advises to make more yield. I have some yellow and dry bottom leaves should I remove them?


Welcome to the forum , the best way to increase yield is with lighting. What size is your space and exactly what light are you using?



You never know what your going to get when it comes to autos they’re not always the same and they are meant to be smaller and more of a bush.

More watts more yield

Its taking so long for your soil to drain, because you have no added drainage to it. Perlite

Is an AMAZING additive. Helps water drain. Next time you start seeds, make sure you add it. 1 part perlite : 3 parts soil. Big difference.

Also lighting makes big difference as well. But plants need a solid root system to grow well. Better soil = better roots = bigger better plants.


6x6 grow tent without co2 exhausted I have co2 bag with 600 led bulbs light

I think the soil it already included with perlite i search for it and they said its already mixed with it so no needed to add more.

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Next grow try fabric pots


Definitely couldnt hurt to add more. It doesnt look very drainable at all my friend. N a week to dry? Thats a long time for mature flowering plants

So much this. I’m on my first grow as well. One of the best decisions apart from the spider farm lights was the fabric pots. Very forgiving when it comes to over watering. 20L pot dries out comfortably within a couple of days or so.

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I’m using biobizz all mix for 2 autos currently and a normal composty house plants soil mix for another auto. I use biobizz nutrients for all three. I encountered a lot of issues with pH and nutrients with the non biobizz soil. The biobizz one self regulates apparently. I water with a 7.2 7.3 pH and the soil takes care of the rest. I’m noticing significantly better growth with the biobizz combo. No idea if this is a thing though. Good luck with your grow!

Do you add perlite to your soil? And do you give them nutrients every watering?

Cant have to much perlite. Drainage is super important!

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What you advise me to do?

I didn’t add perlite to the allmix soil. I did add roughly 20 to 30% perlite the composty one. I’ll see how the biobizz soil does first. And yea, I’ve been watering with nutrients every time. I messed up the nutrient schedule for the currently flowering auto. It’s pulled through though. Got a first hand taste of autoflowers not liking mess ups.

Yeah autos are fickle little bitches because of their shorter lifespan. Slow and steady can always add more next time it’s a lot harder to fix issues.

If you have good enough soil you can go all the way through veg without adding anything.

Try to not “love” your plant so much. That’s how the Elmyra death happens lol

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Yup. Definitely learned that :joy: