Need experienced opinion

Hi all. Ive been at this about a year and a half. Im doin okay but want to do better.
I have a couple of things i could use some thoughts.
Deets: indoor, photos black wid and sky o g. About 100 days on blk wid and about 60 on sky. 240hlg qboard, fans, 4in exhaust, ffof soil , water and nutes ph at 6.3 to 6.8, 5 gal fab pots ffof nutes .
So all that said, my last grow was a bruce banner, all seeds from ILGM btw, and after harvest the root ball was only about the size of my fist. Now smoke was good got about 3.5 oz but plant was not tall. Only about 25 in. I dont think thats normal. In fact it was so small im going to reuse the soil again.
I have girls on the basement floor should i raise them off it would that make a diff. Pic to follow: foreground is black wid, back is sky.

Also the whole TDS thing is a hard for me to grasp. Sorry , but i get it higher number means more stuff in the water. It goes in at 350 or so and comes out at 1100 or higher. What is that telling me. I know feed or not. Do i feed after just giving them a gal or so of either h2o or nutes.
You all are great for info i appreciate the wisdom.
Before this forum i couldnt grow jack.


To help with roots, grab some mycorrhizae for the transplant hole. The root ball with fill your pots in no time. I’ve used extreme gardening mykos and great white. I like the great white better because it’s much finer and sticks to the root ball better.

For ppm, when my soil ppm (runoff ppm) reaches 1000 or less, I consider it depleted and start with full strength nutrients.


I suspect that the small root ball is due to watering practices. If you water too often or let the soil dry out around the outside (two separate issues) the roots will not grow out to seek moisture.

When they only get water once or twice per week, I water just a little to get the soil to rehydrate then I wait for about 15 minutes to complete the watering process with the focus on watering around the plant rather than watering at the stalk.

This is only a guess based upon your description, so could be out in left field.