Need driver wiring help!


Put a slight amount of tension by pulling on wire and depress connector with something small directly on the detent of connector. Don’t push too hard, they can break.


That may be a bad example, that’s connector on an eb strip. Same point though.


Does this wiring look the same as what you designed? The boards are attached and I don’t have enough wire to make another mistake. Lol. Hope I’m doing it right.


Yes that’s technically same wiring, as long as what I outlined in red isn’t another wire going to board.


Ok, cool. What you drew in red is simply the outline of the heat sink. I’ll get back to you in a few


I don’t know what I’d do without y’all @dbrn32 and @Aolelon !! It WORKS!! doin’ the happy dance!

image image image


I guess animated GIFs don’t work.

I can’t thank you both enough!! More importantly, my girls thank you!!


Awesome glad to hear!..


Awesome job! Glad I could help and hope you enjoy the light.


@dbrn32 saves the day again. Who says all heros wear capes…


Hahahaha, I’m sure you or several others could’ve helped with that. Just glad we got another one in the books.


Yea I actually made a drawing for the 600 because there arent any videos or diagrams online for it that I could find, I was looking for it on my phone but cant seem to locate it.
Edit**here it is.


Looks a little neater than mine. I haven’t been able to draw or write well since high school. Busted three of four knuckles on my right hand. Two had to be reconstructed and the third pinned, I can barely hold a pencil in winter months. Been long enough you figure out how to get by though.


@Aeolian & @dbrn32 Since I couldn’t find any videos on assembling this light either, I videoed the whole assembly. I went back and re-shot the stuff that I messed up initially; so I should be able to cobble together enough footage to make an assembly video tutorial. We’ll see if I can manage to edit it well enough to feel like publishing it. If I do, you’ll both get credit, for sure. Hopefully it’ll give ILGM forums a little extra traffic.

I’m doing the same with the tent I bought. I’m hoping to end up with a few review videos as well as some component assembly and grow room build videos.

Thanks again!


As long as it conveys what you’re trying to say it doesnt necessarily have to be neat haha, just get the job done.


@dbrn32 & @Aolelon How high above the canopy do you recommend hanging this (HLG 600H V2 3000k) light? Same for veg and flower? I hung the light today and put it about 24” above just to be safe, until I get some advice. Thanks y’all!!


At 24” you should probably dim it a decent amount and gradually increase to harden the plants. Flowering there or a little closer would probably be fine. Vegging you could do dimmed a lot or ran pretty high, there’s a lot of light there.


Ok. So, start at 50% dim and work up to 75%? That’d save electricity. When I turned it on inside the tent I was like, “WHOA!! That’s BRITE!!!” Lol!


You wont really need to increase until you’re in flower. These white LEDs veg plants very well with just minimal lighting. So when you are getti g ready to flip, is when I would begin increasing the light.
What i would do now is start it out like you have it, then lower it gradually over the next week or so.
I vegged this with only around 200-230w.