Need driver wiring help!


I’m putting together a QB kit from Growers Lights (4 boards Samsung V2 3000k, like you suggested) and the power cord has different colored wires than I expected. It has a brown wire, a blue wire and a green/yellow striped wire. I’m guessing it’s EU color coding? I need to know which wire is which, for sure! I think they’re as follows:

Brown = positive/hot
Blue = neutral
Green/yellow = ground

Also, the 600H -54B driver has two cords protruding that I wasn’t expecting - it has a total of 4 cords protruding from the output side, where I was expecting. It has TWO thick cords, each with a red and a black wire. Growers Lights installed a potentiometer to one of the thinner cords protruding but there’s an additional thinner cord with brown, red and yellow wires. I’m not sure what to do here. lol! Can you help a brother out?

Is this driver setup to run 2 different sets of lights independently? Maybe I just cap one of the thicker cords and the thinner cords?

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They’re labeled on driver right where the whip comes out of case.

There’s a single cord on the other end of driver right?

I think I have it figured out. I’m correct on the coloring on the AC side. On the DC side I connect 2 boards in parallel to one red/black cord and 2 other boards in parallel to the other red/black line. The thin cord gets capped off and isn’t used. That’s what Growers Lights told me. Sound right?

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I forgot to tag you on my reply above. Yes, there’s a single cord coming out the other (AC) end of the driver.

I’m making a step-by-step install video as I assemble. So, if it works, I can help others save a few $$ and build it themselves. If it doesn’t work, maybe I can see where I went wrong. Lol.

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Yup, sounds right.


@dbrn32 @Aolelon

Well, I musta done something wrong or I got a faulty part. Plugged her in and…nothing. rolleyes That’s my luck. Seriously.

On the power connection, which uses a ipv68 3 wire connector, I put the brown wire on the plug end into the silver colored port on one side and the white wire (on the AC input side) from the driver into the opposite silver colored port.

I put the blue wire from the plug end into the black port on one side and the black wire from the driver side into the opposite black port on the connector.

The yellow/green wire from the plug cord went into the bronze colored port and the green wire from the driver side went into the opposite bronze color port.

Is this correct?

Well, I think I really screwed up. The guy at Growers Liggts TOLD me the white wire was the hot wire when I thought the black one should be. Seems I wired it backwards. So, have I fried the driver now??

Brown wire labeled acl from driver should correspond to port that lines up with black wire on power cord. The blue wire labeled acn should correspond to port that lines up with white wire on power cord.

More importantly, it appears you don’t have boards wired properly.

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  • -, ++,-+,-- :clown_face: Thats wrong, right?
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There’s a lot of correct ways you can wire it, and a few wrong ways to. But wiring parallel you shouldn’t have a positive from one board going to a negative on another board.

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Then I need some help, buddy! I followed a YouTube video. What appears wrong? I went from hot/red wire on driver to the positive on board one. Jumped from negative on board 1 to positive on board 2. From negative on board 2 to the negative/black on driver. I thought that was “in series?”

How should it go?

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Both boards on the right need to be flipped? @dbrn32

You have constant voltage at 54 volt won’t work in series with that driver. Has to be wired in parallel.

Gimme a min and I’ll draw how you could do it.

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Try like this.

And hard to tell from angle of pics, but it did look like you had hot and neutral crossed on the barrel connector too.

Ok. I have it wired TOTALLY wrong then. Below is how I wired the boards according to the only video I could find on a nearly identical light - I thought. I’ll re-wire according to your diagram and get back to you. Shouldn’t take long.

Do you think I fried anything hooking it up wrong?

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Nah you wont have fried the driver, I hooked mine up backwards once, it just didnt turn on. Jusy make sure you rewire it right. Black to brown, white to blue, and the ground to yellow green.

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Nope you’re fine. Meanwell drivers have lots of security measures. Very doubtful you damaged anything.
You wired it in series, whereas it needs to be wired in parallel as well, follow @dbrn32 drawing and make sure the AC connection is right. In the barrel connector as well, the spot to screw them in is usually marked or colored accordingly as well.

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I agree, you should be fine. The drawing you have is for a series configuration. Maybe 4 boards on hlg-480h-c2100?

At any rate, voltage demand from boards is too high that way with the driver you’re using.

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Ok. Thanks y’all.

Another question… what’s the trick for getting the QBs connectors to release the wires?