Need Diagnosis - pattern of tiny brown flecks on leaves

You Are on your way alot of people dredge their ponds to pull yhe top soil back out of them to put on fields to also try planting peas/snow peas and red clover and hairy veach it is like green living manure that really helps your soil.
Has alot of information about cover crops that will help you outdoor guys tremendously plus it’s cheap seed and takes your grow to another level it will take about a year to really see results but saved you money on nitrogen and the microbes it brings in set’s you up for stellar performance it may take longer if your soil is clay based then you need rape and raddish for their deep roots then when you plant your weed it already has root channels to follow bu using the old raddish roots and don’t forget a little blood meal and earth worm casting. Hope this helps you

I think you have a bug issue… although I can tell you for sure that ilgm genetics seem to be very hungry … all your plants are suffering from the same issue… bugs would be my first guess…
What is your region… ?
May also add to this problem… :wink:
It looks like your in a window sill or a green house… can’t tell…?

Your vibe is a lil harsh my friend… just throwing it out there… :wink:
Your plants can feel your vibe too… just be aware of that… :wink:
Good luck in your future , my fellow cultivator… :wink:


Thanks! I’m tryin. I talked to a place about getting a 7 yard load of manure compost delivered. I think that’ll get me off to a good start and I’m going to be doing all those things you suggested. :grinning::+1:

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Who, me? If you, or anyone, took anything I said as harsh, you misunderstood my tone. Lol! Is it ‘cuz I used some capital letter? I do that just to emphasize a word. In any case, I’m the least harsh person you’ll ever meet. Lol. I’ll try to be better about my expressiveness. Please accept my apology if I offended you or anyone - nothing was intended that way in this thread or ANY thread I’ve posted in here on ILGM!

FWIW- Plants went into a windowsill because I had some workers in the house where I’ve had them under a T5 fixture. They’re going home tonight. Sorry for the confusion. :wink:

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No my friend… :grin:
I’m trying to help you… lol
@Sativa4Me… was a lil harsh … not mad either way… just don’t want him in trouble… :wink:
I will help him also… he’s just a lil brash… :wink:


We are all good my friend… I just want you to succeed… :grin:
No worries… :wink:


Phew! Lol! That makes me feel better. I’ve never been called harsh except my my kids occasionally…cuz they’re SPOILED! Lmao. Glad we’re all good. Now that I looked back I see what you’re talking about. Lol. I quit paying attention after I finally deciphered the first one. Well, I figured most of it out. Lol.

That’s thing about our hobby and any related forum - what’s the condition of the poster on any given moment at the keyboard. Lmao. Just gotta chalk it up to a little bit of over-indulgence. Haha!

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Ya …no worries… just want friendly conversation… and share big nugs… I love growing… and sharing… time is my issue… dont have alot of it… :grin:


@DTOM420 if you really need some compost lol andblive far can you mail it cuz I got compost for top soil that done composting I made cpl tea for her and she looksblil burnt but new growth is coming after I Tiosoiled it I want go organic only thing I got that corrosive is the ph down and ph up my soil is natural earthworm castings in my soil with bag soil with microbes and coffe grinds all through soil earthworms love it feed on it and make my soil hella soft and airy

Brother, I’m having trouble following/understanding you. Lol. If you’re suggesting I order compost online, that won’t work. My holes are 6-7 feet wide by almost 3 feet deep. That’s at least 2 cubic yards of soil I need to put back in. Buying that much in bag soil is simply too expensive. I mean, it’d prolly take 40+ typical large (1.5cu/ft) bags of soil or compost. I’m guessing more than that. I’m making 6 holes like that. Bulk compost is the only way to go. Going to mix it in with some native soil and Gypsum and green sand to break up the clay. I found manure compost for $40/yard and $125 to deliver a 7 yard truck. 2 of those loads and I should be done. Still, that’s going to be almost $1k worth of compost. :scream::face_vomiting:

Gonna take a while to recoup that investment.

Maybe you could slow down when you bang out your replies and then, perhaps, I’ll have an easier time understanding them. Thanks for the input, though!

@DTOM420 haha sorry friend I got too fast and dosent make sense I will for sure slow down I said though I have a farm and could helped but yeah you want grow trees(Monsters):hugs: so you got find it local the investment will be worth it when those trees harvest 5-8 pounds each I’ve seen it it’s nuts