Need Diagnosis - pattern of tiny brown flecks on leaves

Some of my seedlings at suffering from something but I don’t have a clue what causes this pattern of tiny brown flecks. I’m hoping someone here can help me out. They’ve been under a 6500k T5 fixture at about 78° with an oscillating fan on them. They’re in a mixture of FoxFarm souls designed to introduce them to bites very slowly. Watered with distilled water and Excelurator Gold root enhancer. They each have siblings that are in identical soil and under the same light with NO issues. Weird.

This is an ILGM White Widow Auto. I’ve had major issues with this batch of seeds. Only about 15-20% will germinate and about 1/2 of those that do are stunted. ULGM has sent out some replacement seeds…finally.


The next 2 are Blue Headwreck from New420Guy seeds:

This ILGM White Widow Auto is WAY behind her sister in growth and looks funky. She started on the same day as the other WW Auto above:

Any clue what’s going on with these girls?

No idea but starting seedlings in any kind if hotsoil isnt great. The water runs the nutes wherever the go. N the roots grow how the water flows. I hope someone more experienced chimes i with more specifics for u

@PurpNGold74 I’m not actually ‘starting’ them in a warmer soil. I put about 2” of ocean forest mixed with Happy Frog at the bottom of the 6” pot. The seedlings start in nutrient free and then work their way, as they get older, to the more nutrient rich soil. On another forum I belong to, I heard it may be a cal-mag deficiency.

That maybe it. And nicely done. Sounds like a good plan (the soil)

But possibly is cal mag def since distilld water has none. Add a bit n see how she grows

Or you can add Epson salt to ph water 1 tablespoon to a gallon. I always had problems with ffof even when I went from small container to bigger ones. I use pro mix soil now. I had the same problem you are having more than a couple times i just use their nutrients at half strength and pro mix soil and almost all of my problems went away

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I’d like to try proMix but I can’t find it anywhere near me and a place I found was selling FF at a deep discount. I paid $20 for the big bags of Ocean Forest and Happy Frog.

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I am having that issue with FFOF too

Probably going to use happy frog next grow

Lol @Familyman that is what got me to was the sale on ffof at 12 dollars a bag i get my pro mix from Wal-Mart for 10 or 12 dollars a 40lb bag it’s there herb and vegetable garden soil and i use my nutrients at half strength and it works great for me

I wonder if I can order it from Walmart online and have it delivered to a nearby Wallyworld? I’ve never seen it in any garden centers. Do you happen to have a picture of the bag you use? When I’ve looked online there seems to be no end to the different proMix soils available. I’d love to have a picture to match.

I found this one for a 60lb/3.5cu ft bale for $53

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This is what I use @DTOM420

Thanks! @ThcinKC

I may try one of those bales like the one I posted above or even the one below and add some amendments of my own. I’m buying a LOT of it and that vegetable mix is just too expensive. My holes are each 6 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep. That’s a LOT of soil and $5-$10 (or more) per bag price difference adds up to some big money. Lol. I may get a few bags of that mix for starting plants, though! I’m trying to find a source for some bulk compost right now- where I can buy a pickup truck load at a time. Basically, one long bed truck load would almost fill a single hole. Lol.

Here’s another one I found:

I’m sure you have farmers in your area get pig poop and cattle barnyard manure chicken manure is good to big pig poop will really bring out your terpins. Mix this with your soil and I’m out here in the Midwest Kansas i can get topsoil at 50 to 90 a truck load and 30 to 70 dollars a truck load of manure you can go to the CO-OP and get blood meal and all your fertilizer at a bulk rate i would not even buy that soil for big grows just use it to start your plants off with. Craigslist list has adds for manure and top soil for sale almost always same thing with offer up and market place on Facebook. Usually the guy selling manure if you ask will sell you top soil or know who has it for sale hope this helps you

I’m not that far from you. Plenty of farms in our neck of the woods

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Yo @DTOM420 you got a def of nitro maybe ? And I got brown spots that are new me that’s classic deffenciey but these shit anyone know fu*k looks like mold but I’m super clean so iunno

And I just found another dot 3 brown dots on bottom Fan leaves that probably fall off later so they can just go do that

No shot so I’ve I used bottle spring water and ph it there’s no calcium really ??

My soil calcium fullness and I only got that cal def slightly in first fan leaves it used up and fixed issue marijuana is resilient as fu.k

That’s good idea my family are farmers just raid there grow shead when I need bit try get mad when they got 10 composters who fuc*king cares if I’m using it for way better plants and not ur gay ass tomatoes that shit ain’t physcoactive garbage

I was looking for bulk compost this morning and there are plenty of feed lots around here. So, I’m definitely going to get some bulk amendments but I’m also using some store-bought soil as well. I can find compost around here but finding quality topsoil is harder since most soil around here is just like mine. I’ve bought some before and it had lots of weeds in it and just wasn’t much improvement over my own. I wish it was as cheap as your area around here. Delivery is going to mean at least a 60 mike trip each way, so that’s never going to be a cheap deal. I can find compost at half that place’s price but then the delivery will be more like a 180 mile round trip. Lol. It’s great living in the middle of nowhere EXCEPT when things like this come up. :unamused:

I’m going to call the feed lot today but that’ll be hot I’m guessing and not aged. Since I’m preparing for next April it’ll have some time to mellow a bit but I’m afraid to put in too much. I’ve been composting the last cleanout of my chicken coop (9 birds) and that’s also going to get distributed into the holes.