Need concetrates help

I will be traveling to friends homes in a little while. They do not partake in cannabis. In order to sleep, I need some THC. Gummies I think are the way to go.
I have been all over YouTube watching videos but I am still not sure of some of the products that are used to create edibles.
Does anyone know of a video that shows step by step how to make gummies?

Check out @Caligurl. She has a concentrates blog that tells you how to make gummies. She details the process very well from start to finish (decarbing, extracing, and dosing).


There’s a lot in there but you can scroll to find the magical gummies!


Thanks! I am in contact with her.

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I use this recipe with great success. I add potassium sorbate as a preservative and malic acid or citric acid to make them sour

I use MCT oil and after decarbing in the oven I vacuum seal with the oil and use an immersion circulator (souse vide) to infuse the oil at 180 for 4 hours

I flew in to Vages last year for a running trip. I bought a couple of baby foods with removable caps. (I use them while running) I blasted some RSO in the baby food and re-capped it. It worked amazing!!
Even got searched in the airport. Lol