Need Clarity PLEASE

No reason to scrap it, ride it out and see what you can harvest, perhaps throw another cheap light in there to help out with the flowering if you can and plan for a light upgrade when budget allows. I’d go ahead and lollipop them so the plants don’t waste resources on lower buds that won’t amount to much.


Would you suggest another Blurple 600w for now? Also, Is this the same school of thought when growing autos?

I hate to tell people to buy another blurple but twice the light will definitely help bud growth if that’s all your budget can handle right now. Same for autos, very light hungry plants, though with autos you can run a longer light cycle (like 18/6 in flowering) so they get more light during their “day”, which would help when running under-powered lights.


I really appreciate it! I will run 1200w of blurple with all 4(veg/bloom) switches on at 12/12 for this run and see what happens. I will look into changing out lighting strategy moving forward. Honestly, I am very surprised I haven’t totally screwed this up already.

Everything else look decent?


First off, welcome here!

I ran a Mars TS3000 on a 3x4 tent for two grows. I just added the Mars TS1000 to supplement on the new 5x5 tent. Just looking at the TS1000 my first thought is you would be let down, as it is really is small and even considering the TS3000 in a 3x4 tent I felt like it was not quite enough. All that to say, TS1000 may still be lacking. I do like the lights thought.

As far as flowering, I just flipped mine on the 5th and I fully do not expect to see anything more than maybe pre-flower for next week to week and half.

You can see the lights and the size representation. Even though this is a 5x5 tent, just imagine that little light on the right being the one to illuminate your tent. That is the TS1000. I hope this helps.

(ILGM Critical Mass on left and little plants on right are some autos I stuck in there a month ago for an experiment.)


Most of us who have lurked on this forum for years, growing weed under LED’s have seen and experienced the phenomenon of Amazon blurple lights. Their claims have become so ridiculous that I can’t in good conscience recommend any of them.

There are a few good companies building quality lights with top-bin diodes: Horticulture Lighting Group is top of the list. California Lightworks, CHILled Logic and a couple of others.

The thing is; light is the engine that drives all processes in the tent: without adequate light, nutrient uptake is reduced, photosynthesis is of course lower, plant is less healthy and more susceptible to disease etc. Gotta start with the light.

You have another option; one I chose years ago. Build your own light. The components are readily available and there is a thread here:

The folks here are very helpful.

The state of the art in lighting currently goes to LED’s. But that’s good LED’s vs. crappy ones. The diodes available today do an absolutely amazing job.


Yes, it does, plants look pretty healthy.


Thank you Kiki,

Happy that I found all of you and this community! I have to say that I have no idea what I am doing other than the mass of info I have read over the years and can I tell you nothing really makes me feel comfortable with my experiment. Tons and tons of conflicting info out there on lighting and water/feeding data. Of course the things that seasoned growers say are common mistakes. I hope I can get this lighting thing figured out and get some type of yield. The seeds are from a random source so i’m totally blind other than knowing they are feminized.

I can’t wait to run the beans I got from NL seedbank once I have a better understanding. Thank you again for your input. Good luck and well wishes!

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I can’t tell you how many times I found out my mistake was someone else’s methods. What helped me tremendously is that I kept and still keep a journal. The first one I would jot things down daily, even watering, and observations. I can’t even begin to count how many times I would look back to reference something and how helpful that was. Then at the end of the grow I did a lessons learned list. First one was something like 40 items. But I still refer back to that list. Now on third grow I don’t write near as much unless it is significant or out of the ordinary.

Mystery seeds are the best! My friend in New York grew a pretty nice plant this summer from a seed she found under her couch cushion. I have done two bagseed plants. First one was a total home run, a true Grape Ape if ever there was one. Second one turned out to be a male. Banana Hammock. And who knows what it exactly was. I have quite a few bagseeds saved up and stored in wine cooler in case of an apocalypse but really, the seed bank seeds are more of a guarantee on actually growing what you think you are growing. :rofl:


Yes keeping a journal is key @KikiGee and really the only consistency based on my research. :nerd_face:.

Well, they now have two of the not so 600w bluple LEDs and I am toying around with not running the vent fan 24 hours. This way I can experiment with letting the temp and humidity really rise during their 12 hours of light similar to what they might experience being outdoor. I have to keep an eye on them more consistently now though adding much more observations to my journal.

lollipopping was successful and I’m not seeing any signs of stress from it at the moment. I’m really surprised and mildly annoyed that I am not seeing any signs of flower though after 9 days in 12/12. All im seeing is continued growth upward which is making me worry about running out of space in the tent.

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More veterans may have some input on the vent fan but here is my observations going from a full time Hurricane inline exhaust vent fan that ran on one speed nonstop the entire grow, and that speed seemed supersonic…to a Cloudline fan that has temp and humidity regulation: what surprised me right off was that the fan was quiet, and was not running all the time, but when necessary, and certainly not on these incredible tent sucking speeds. The grow is thriving so I can assume this working out well for them and this is a grow that it is critical I keep the humidity lower to prevent bud rot.

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UPDATE: I think I’m seeing preflower on my plants but am having difficulty sexing them. @Hellraiser or @KikiGee can you tell me if I have male,female,hermie flowers coming through. Since there were a batch of mystery seeds I don’t know confidently now if they were feminized? If I do have a random male or two Id like to get them out of the tent ASAP. All photos are showing colas from all four plants. Thoughts?

1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 are male, 2 I can’t tell from the photo, 4 looks like both male and female. Not good news.

Take another photo of the second one if you remember the order you took the photos.


After referencing a couple books I have I see they are some healthy males. Damn it! Oh well, looks like its time for a new run with beans I know are feminized. I may give some autos a go this time? Learned a lot from this post and the grow itself. THANK YOU ALL for your input and guidance. On to the next!

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Here are some pics I took today. After Looking very closely at all the individual colas on all 4 plant I have deduced. We have 2 males for sure shown as PLANT 1 and PLANT 2 Pictures below.



As for the remaining 2 plants. I am confident PLANT 3 is a healthy female and PLANT 4 is questionable to be both male and female.



Anyone got further input or confirmation for me before I scrap the whole grow? :nerd_face:

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If in fact I have one female and one hermaphrodite, do they need to be seperated? Will the female stay a female?

1&2 are male

3 is female.

4 I would wait and watch a little longer.


Thank you CMich!

#4 is male. I would remove and destroy immediately.


Will do. Thanks @Myfriendis410