Need best Floor plan for a new growing business 6750 Sqf

I just purchased a new 6000 square feet warehouse 16 feet ceiling plus 750 sqf of offices attached to it
am looking for the best and most effective floor plan to build it out
it’s all open space now,
it’s in the Tulsa oklahoma area, i would also appreciate any referal to construction crew with experience in this area


That’s wonderful!

I’m sure lots of people will have lots of different advice for you. My advice? Invest the money and hire a pro to help design/plan, then ask them to refer you to a construction Co.


Hello and welcome to the forum! @latewood has experience building commercial grows.

Most of us are small home growers. We will all help as much as possible, but very little experience with grows this size.


I can help you, and/or put you in touch with a friend who builds commercial grow sites all over the world. There would be a fee for consultation, and a contract if we go beyond consulting online. (Feet on the ground).

I believe that one of my associates has been on and out of Oklahoma for weeks now. Many ongoing builds happening there. :slight_smile:


how much and what will you do in return ?
is your assiate a builder in tulsa? or just a builder ?

Currently building out a greenhouse, make no mistake indoor commercial grows can cost millions. Plan carefully and get some experts if you don’t have experience setting them up it can save you mistakes. Getting permits for these grows can be a whole challenge itself. I’ve spent almost 2 years getting mine rolling.

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i already purchased a warehouse in tulsa and applied for the license

so indoor is the way i have to go

please help if you can with send me the best floor plan u thuink is more effective

How do you plan to grow?

indoor lights, i am not sure i understand your question

please excplain

I mean like your grow plan? How many plants, what is the growing medium, is it going to be perpetual, and stuff like that?

6000 square feet is pretty vague. If this is going to be a perpetual grow you’ll need to break down your space into different stages of plant life right? You kinda need to know what growing methods you’re using to do that.

it’s my first alone project

i was told by a friend who grows, to make 2 2000 sqf rooms with 100 light each

and rest for veg and triming, and drying…

but i need the actual details of the plans ( he’s not giving me all the details :slight_smile: either he doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to share

Lights will be a major expense, but probably least of your worries. You have the height to go with de’s and gavita has a layout tool to help with that. You probably wouldn’t need 100 lights per room that way. You will probably have to at least take a look at service to make sure its rated for the electrical load though.

One of the things I’m not as sure about, is if 2000 square feet or so can successfully feed 4000 of flower space without any disruptions. Probably if they are sog styled grows. Could make sense to run flood tables then.