Need bad grows please

Can’t learn much from good grows. Need an underdog story!


Lol my set up from last year suffered from a Mite invasion if that lifts your mood any not every clone I cut lives every time. During last cold snap I lost 4 ladies in my hydro unit it’s about persistance shit happens roll with it learn from it and apply what you learn in the hopes you will never encounter it again :wink:
That’s my pep talk


@Donaldj I’d like the full drama of a dedicated post not a summary while I sift through successful grows lol

I will see if I can find it if you want I posted some in my grow journal this round give me a few

Thanks. No offense to the back patters out there but some of us are trying to succeed and recover. More stories of recovery would be great :+1:t4: (“don’t worry about old leaves just monitor the new ones” for example)

Like in big bold letters
"You will never recover damages leaves!!!"

Don’t stress over them just focus on new growth!

See how clear that was? Some folks may keep trying things to “fix” unfixable leaves


This grow alone had to relocate plants from inside to outside gone through 2 bulbs and a ballast and since Nov my first harvest on this grow is around 1.5-2oz I post most of my headaches in my journal pictures sometimes but when you are mad at a dead plant the camera is always an after thought. I also usually state leaves don’t recover and damage may not be entirely visible


just another thought to keep in mind if a issue looks in good hands many times the more experienced growers will move on to a place they are needed more. I chime in in hydro threads and if info is way off otherwise I glance who’s helping and move to another topic


Thanks @Donaldj good point. Hydro appears to be more challenging

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It has its challenges just as soil does. I’ve got 2 soil and 2 hydro goin right now

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My first grow. Started out great just a spare closet grow. I ran into a nitrogen toxicity and then on a medicine run to CO, my heater never kicked off an it fried my little girl. I’ll post some pictures

Right before she started to bud

Right before the trip

I opened the closet and saw this

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Just wow. But she looked so healthy! Nice color just a little sparse

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Thank you for sharing!

No problem. She was my first and will always be missed. If she hadn’t gotten fried because the times didn’t shut off, then I wouldn’t be dry right now haha. Which is ironic, because if I hadn’t been doin a medicine run that wouldn’t have happened…


Wow that’s a real story of heartache. I hear a country version

just to give you a hint the shit I am currently growing in

my lows are 50F high is 72 average is about 60f a year ago I would never have thought my plants could grow in these temps now

I have a plant in flower surviving and flowering in shit that should kill it


I believe that the plants can handle most things if they are accustomed to it. If the have had a little tough love to toughen them up, impo


My mind is blown

Lol I said growing not thriving the little ones in unit have been about same size for 3 weeks and my ladies in flower should be finishing in next week but are about 2-3 weeks behind where they should be

But they still look healthy. Ventilation must be a factor