Need auto expert

So my auto is getting pretty big, and I noticed that some of the fan leaves are covering new growth. I’ve read all over the web and it seems like some people trim, some prune, some just move the leaves around a little. Any here with advice? I’m not sure who knows what.


Hey bud, no expert here! You can by any means remove a large leave that may be covering a budsite. However if you can tuck the leave under a leave that’s below it or tie it down it will be better as the leave will still be able to absorb that sweet sweet light and help your plant grow more! Hope this helps! :+1::metal: Yeah I would selectively remove some but don’t take more than 2 or 3 leaves at a time so your not to stress your plant too much at once. She looks great BTW.


I wouldn’t remove any healthy fan leaves, as a general rule. They’re doing the bulk of the photosynthetic conversion. The flowers are the recipients of photosynthesis, but they don’t seem to benefit from direct light.


Ok, thanks guys!


I’ve grown over 25 autos and you either tuck leaf outta the way or snip it off. Just not too many


Heres some of my progress.

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Wow looks great!

I think these may be ready to harvest. Any opinions? It’s my first grow and did not keep track of weeks in flower.