Need as many opinions as possible please

Bruce banner autos
Mars hydro 600w light(100-125 real watt)
Happy frog soil
20/4 schedule, moved to recent 18/6.
Fan blowing constantly on all plants
Couple questions, are the buds going to start growing quickly on the one plant? Also what’s going on with my other one looks droopy and a bit different than my other which worries me. First pic of flowering plant is about 6 weeks exactly, and more droopy looking plant is 5 weeks exactly. Any suggestion or thoughts?

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With the light you have those buds won’t get huge, simply not enough power. But they look good and will swell for several more weeks.

You could take off those larger fan leaves (just the ones blocking bud and airflow). Are they getting dry enough between waterings?


They should be, today they seem pretty dry and it’s been four days. Trying to find a decent watering schedule, I’ve heard the once they’re dry water them and if not let them be but that doesn’t seem to do it for me idk. Is four days in between not enough for there size? Both are not bone dry today but dry

First question, are there holes in the bottom of your buckets?
Second question, what soil are you running and how old is the soil?
Third question, what fertilizers are you using or intending to use?

The buds will continue to get bigger with an adequate environment. The droopy one seems as though it needs to be watered. If you are running a regular potting mix, every 2-4 days is a good watering schedule. If you’ve added extra fillers (perlite, coco, etc.) about every 1-3 days as a watering schedule. If you’re using a hydro media then every 1-2 days, later on in flower (week 7-9 or higher) if you can feed it twice a day with only 2/3-3/4 of the amount of water you normally use each feeding.

They look good man, keep up the good work. Happy cultivating.


Best reply since I’ve been on this forum!

  1. Yes about 12 holes in each bucket
    2.happy frog (fox farm) and since seedling so 5-6 weeks
  2. No fertilizers yet, planning on using fox farm trio very soon, at least two of them anyways.
    So you’d say water it every 2-4 days? In that case I will do it here shortly just let me know once you see all this! Thanks man!
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With the happy frog soil, I’d expect an every 2-3 day watering schedule. It usually runs out of nutrition by about 4-6 weeks maybe upwards of 6-8 weeks if not heavily saturated all the time.

It should be about time for your big grow (1/4 dosage rate of what it recommends) and your tiger bloom (1/3-2/3 dosage rate of what it recommends). Also, if you have some calmag, add about 1/4 dosage of that to the mix.

And remember, if you want those microorganisms to flourish then I would suggest giving it a half tablespoon of unsulfured black molasses. This will give them a good sugar feeding, allowing them to help transport more available nutrients to your plant.

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Would it be smart to add more nutrients that have nitrogen considering it’s most likely an excess of it now? And also is there a way to fix that excess? Maybe watering heavily will remove some of the nitrogen or anyway to fix that? And thanks man !!

No worries bud happy to help, the more you grow the more you’ll know. Learning from mistakes is what makes you a better gardener.

It doesn’t appear to be too much nitrogen right now, it looks like under-watering or over-watering. But, if you’re trying to get rid of nitrogen, you can run straight water through it (like you said) to deplete the heavy minerals left or you can do a hydrogen peroxide and water rinse ( 1 to 1-1/2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to 1 gallon of water).

Remember to check the pH of your soil before and after if you do the hydrogen peroxide rinse to be able to tell if you’ve rinsed out the toxic levels of minerals. To do so, take a weighed amount of soil from your bucket you are growing in (100 grams if possible) and add water (distilled if possible) until you make a slurry ( about the consistency of a thick gravy or a hair thicker). Then place your pH meter in the slurry to get a more accurate reading of the pH of your soil. DO NOT TRUST THOSE SOIL pH METERS, the ones you can purchase at Lowe’s. Those things are bogus and will not be anywhere close to your correct pH.

If you do the hydrogen peroxide wash, you’ll have to add back your microorganisms. Best way to do so is to use that Big Bloom at or slightly above it’s recommended dosage (this will take 2-3 feedings to get the good bacteria back in your soil).

Remember to energize the micro biome back by using the unsulfered black molasses. The bacteria love that natural sugar high.

If its mature enough and didn’t flower on 20/4 I wouldn’t expect it to flower on 18/6.

Should I swap to 12/12? But that would mess up others wouldn’t it? Especially being use to the current schedule?

Im not sure what you mean by this?

I’m confused what’re you saying won’t flower? They’re autos. They flower on any schedule

If that was case you wouldn’t be asking why they’re not flowering?

Is more like, they should flower on any schedule. Depending on how many rounds of breeding there can be all sorts of phenotypes in your pack of seeds. One of these possibilities is recessive auto trait, which won’t flower on any schedule. It happens quite a bit actually. That is why I stated that if they were mature enough to flower but didn’t on 20 hours light, I wouldn’t expect them to flower on 18 hours of light either. But shouldn’t change anything with other plants. The only thing that changes would be drop in your dli.

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So you’re saying they’re not gonna flower at all? Ever?

Maybe eventually, but not likely any time soon on long light schedule if they’re not flowering already. In short, it will likely behave just like a photoperiod plant, that can be held in veg indefinitely. And if the plants aren’t flowering, that means they’re growing. They usually only grow for so long before they are too big for indoor environment.

The best solution is to have lighting that will hit peak dli on a 12 hour schedule. Then there is zero reason to flower plants on longer than 12 hour schedule.

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