Need an opinion on these

They are in week 6ish of bud just wondering if I should expect quite a bit of swelling soon. They are white widow black widow and chronic widow and they are under a half 135 especially and a Mars hydro 600 thanks for looking!


Your ladies are looking good. Based on pics you’ve probably got at least 3-4 weeks.


looking great! the swelling happens at the very end. a few times i’ve thought i was close to done and folks told me to wait and glad i did because they really filled out and got chunky at the last minute. but like bulldog said, you definitely got a few weeks to ago, and the WW will not disappoint you when it comes to packing on weight esp when they’ve been so well cared for.

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Thank you all! Fox farm dirt and fertilizer is the truth! This is only my second grow and I’m beginning to think the yield off this one will be way more then my 2 autos put off


It seems this chronic widow may be maturing faster then the rest with Calyxs swelling and the trichs the inside of bud has some clear and cloudy no amber but some of the sugars have ambers I have noticed it is throwing white pistols on the top.


Looking good :+1:


Very pretty…