Need an honest answer please!

I currently own a 100w from the wall led for a starting set up. I have room for a 2x4 tent and need to know can I get decent results with that light in a 2x4 if i’m growing say 2-3 autos and center the light over them.
I will be growing for personal use only and I am super thc sensitive so a 4 hit session gives me the pain relief I need.
My goal would be to beat the cost of my medical dispensary which is at $85 for a 1/4th.
Could I easily achieve an oz off three autos with that light and tent?
Thanks everyone!


Na , need a better light that light will veg 2 and flower 1 really close to canopy for better results , I started with mars hydro ts 600 100w off the wall


The 100w would be great to start seedlings but it’s too small for vegging and flower. Take a look at HLG lights. I have the 300L rspec in my 2x4.


I would say u can achieve a oz off one auto, I did zkittlez auto.

This was just the one main

Like the above. A lil more light would be better


I know the light is NOT ideal but budget wise its what im working with for my first grow. Will it grow me something through flower in a 2x4? Or will it be a complete waste? Again if I got an oz off of 2-3 autos total that would cover my cost of the tent and then some.

@Randy_Marsh @rookiegrower the light I have was given to me and is a vipraspectra p-1000 do you think I could get away with that for a first 2-3 plant autoflower grow or is that a complete waste?

You have roughly half the amount of light you need to veg, and a quarter of what you should have in flower. If you aren’t greedy you can grow one ‘small’ plant which will be low in yield. If you need more flower you’re gonna have to pony up for light. It’s really that simple.


If ur gonna grow autos only take a corner of a closet 2x2 area and use that do 1 plant at a time id say if u get the grow good to the end u prolly get 2 or 3 zips off 1. I usually get 3 to 5 under 260xls and uva bars some plants way better than others at 5 and once 6 oz off 1. My lowest yield was just under 1 oz from a super bad stunted almost died bubblegum auto. Split the tent in half if u have to and do 1 at a time. The loght will be ok not the best if ubcan cut the area down to 2x1.5 and work with that. Cheao foam to split the tent cardboard and some alum foil for shine. Good luck. Do u have exhause and intake fans at all circulation fans ph meter and ppm pens and nutrients for the plants also

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You can try I wouldn’t do more than 1 in flower , but a lot of us had pulled some decent stuff with ok equipment, should be good to try things out and look into better light

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Here is a pic from Mars ts600 / 100w from the wall. In a micro tent.


@Mark0427 yeah I have everything but a great light and a tent!

Thanks for all the input everyone i’m glad i’ve found this forum and I look forward to the trial and error and error and error process ahead of me!

Hell i seen a girl line the inside of a gf bag in her closet Nd grow a plant in the bag in her closet. Lmao. Seriously i did. Ive seen guys in gn grow in garbage cans as tents and all.

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give it a shot, with one plant at a time and see what you get off of it. I would definitely look into a better light for the next go round. You will see a world of difference.