Need an auto feed/water system

So I’ve started some gorilla glue in coco using jacks 321 and I’m going to be out of town for about six days in mid May and am wanting advice on how to set up an automatic feeding system that will work while we’re gone. Can’t really rely on anyone to do the job. Any ideas

Don’t be shy lol, if ya got any ideas I’d love to hear them

Yeah, I deleted the comment because my comment was for a soil grow, then I realized you are in hydro. I don’t have anything to offer there.

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How many plants? You are top feeding now? I just set up one autopot XL for a test run to see if I want to pursue using them more. This would be more of a long-term commitment given there cost. I am thinking about experimenting with a bottom feed self-watering set up for my next four plants in my tent. I don’t know if something along those lines would work. It would of course depend on number and size of plants.


I hope to eventually have 6- 5 gallon soft pots in this room i built for this. Its in coco so i want to top feed to a little runoff every day at that point i was wondering if a recirc system would be healthy but drain to waste is ok too. Concerns about nute concentrations . I have many many questions. I have an ebb and flow grow going now so i have a small grasp of hydro.

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Blumat maybe


What is blumat?

Automated watering system. That’s the name of it

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Blumat isn’t working well with nutes from what i heard…

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What about hooking a drip system up to a reservoir, use the same system you would use on your yard, timers, solenoids, hoses, etc. You can get it at a Big Box store or Amazon. If you do it now you can fine tune it before you leave. Just a thought. Cat

1 Like Have you seen this? Would this work?

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They work fine for the people that I know use them. Just require some maintenance over time.

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Jup i guess to gap an absence it will do fine…

I found it a bit annoying to fine tune the whole system, apparently it kind of works with the capilar effect and the salt buildup in the tiny tubes can cause problems…

I used it over Christmas, my plants survived but didn’t look happy and very hungry…

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Autopot works with fabric planters

If you got the funds you can also go with a auto dosing system that will work with any system.

If this is just a one time deal and your not looking to set up a permanent auto feed system these will get the job done in a pinch

Anyone heard of diy ? , water pump ,Rez size you need , timer and a dripper system , your welcome

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