Need Advice, Want to Upgrade Pacific Light Concepts CXP-250 and PLC420 LED Lights

Hello, Thanks in advance for taking the time to try and help.

I have some Pacific light Concepts LEDs I would like to upgrade with some more current quantum boards or something comparable. To be clear I am looking for advice from LED DIY experts. I have some DIY HLG lights and feel it’s time to get my PLC lights up to par.

I have two PLC CXP-250 and two CXP-420, I would like to replace the Cree cobs with something new. Please let me know if you have done an upgrade on a PLC light before and or could walk me through some options.

I’m running PLC Photo Boost strips. Can’t help out, but if you post this on Led DIY thread no doubt you would be able to get the help you need. Here’s the link, just post this there.

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I don’t remember off hand what he put on those, do you know if they are cxb-3590? We could probably find alternatives, but would have to do some research into how much better they would be.

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@dbrn32 is the one to help here.
@Bulldognuts did a wicked build to with his help. So they both have experience in that area, I just bought my stuff.

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