Need advice on This Whacked Plant - Loosely budding

My first grow of a few plants. The plants are healthy and happy and have been flowering since December 1st. Growth is slowing now. Buds are not compact nor very trichome-sparkly.

Questions: It’s budding is very loose, as seen in photos. Any way to intensify the buds?
See conditions below. Less light duration? More-or-less fertilizer?
Suggestions? Thank you so much!!!

Strain: White Widow
Source: Bought as clone that was grown with 18 hrs of light.
Flowering: Bought November 9th. With less light it started flowering by Dec. 1st.
Light: About 12-16 hours. I place it in windows and on porch (when above 60 degrees, San Diego) to track with the Sun for about 10 hours. And I have it in the kitchen at night so it gets another 2-6 hours.
Fertilizer: Gave it a healthy dose of PK, 3-12-12, about a month ago, then last week again. I worked it into soil and also fed it as a tea.
Water: I don’t overwater and give it rain when available.

Again, any suggestions on helping it get more “bud-y”? Is this loose budding a White Widow thing?
See photos…

Thanks again!


Nice girl. Still young and there’s time to pack it on

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Do you ph your water ? She is got time to fatten up for sure like @Givemefire said looks nice and healthy keep up the good work

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Relax , you"re doing fine, just keep on doing like you are, shes a baby yet, shes gonna explode soon and get Nice,
Trust me I"ve grown some , no pruning, clipping, topping, lst, nothing, just let it grow and see what it did.
Lite nutes, TLC, grew 5ft,8" tall less than 4 months.

Love the WW"s gonna do it again this spring, a little Bigger!!


Thanks for the good word… :grin:

I read that Sativa takes about 10 weeks to complete flowering. (versus 8 for Indica)
I’m into about 6-7 weeks since flowering started.

I guess like all things in life, rules of thumb can stretch in all directions.

About amount of light or other things, can I “encourage” her in any way?
Like, less than 12-16 hrs of light (sunlight and Kitchen incandescent)?

Mr. H-master,

Thanks, I’ll read up on ph and supply her with what’s right.


@Hoyt Ph Between 6.3 and 6.8 tops that’s what I usually keep mine around you can go a little lower hire at 6.5 is perfect for the plant

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this is also a white widow it’ll amaze you when it doubles or triples size


Wow… looks like magic. Hope my girl goes that direction.

Will zero in on ph.

Thanks. And thanks to -all- who responded! This is great!

***Is it possible to give -TOO MUCH- PK fertilizer?
**How often should I fertilize during flowering?

That fertilizer I’m not familiar with it I have a gro going that’s inside and I can show the newts that I use hop that can help I use fox farm ocean soil and you can do a full grow with no newts but with newts fattens them up I will mentioned you in it so you can check it out

Thanks, HM. I see the discussion.

By PK, I meant Phosphoric Acid and Potash, as in 3-12-12 flowering fertilizer. I understand that too much nitrogen can “burn”… ** Can adding too much Potassium and Potash cause problems?

Too much Nitrogen can Delay flowering,(N) ,/ § Phosphorus and (K) Potassium
3-12-12 is more for Flower and Bloom phase, I"d suppose you Could start these nutes at 1/4- 1/2 strength, I’m not familiar with your product brand,
Anything too much can cause problems, remember less is more sometimes, study your fertilizer and add accordingly, slow down a bit patience is Key with growing and Read Read Read !!

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Is rain ok for early-mid flowering? Indoor plants love to be set out in the rain. My W.Widow is an indoor-window woman and I’d love for her to get a little nature into her if that’s ok at this point.

@Hoyt I would imagine so. Lots of the guys here water their indoor grows with rain water collected in rain barrels.

I’m sure someone with more knowledge will chime in but I’d be surprised to hear anyone add anything negative.