Need Advice on Starting the Flower Stage

I live in Southern California, coastal.

I started plants in late July. — Durban Poison —
About 7 weeks of growth stage at this point.

As the days have been getting shorter, I’ve been using lights to keep plants in growth stage, keeping light on them for 18 hours (the sun for day, minor grow lights at night - see photo)

They are now 3 feet high and have been topped for about a week.

Question 1.
It’s now mid-September and I wonder if I should stop the lights so they will start to flower.
How long will the flowering stage last?
I don’t want them flowering in the colder weather of November. - I think…

Question 2.
Is it better to let them veg-stage longer, to get larger, or get them flowering now to avoid colder weather?
How bad is colder weather for the flowering?

Question 3.
Any other tips that shout out, based on photos and what I’ve written?

Thanks a WHOLE LOT !!!


With the limited information, I would say that it is time to let them flower. Those are going to be big plants and you want to let them flower completely. You are looking at a 6 foot plant at harvest or bigger. The plants look strong and healthy, a good time to let them finish. Jerry


Not sure of flower time for durban but most photos take 60-70ish day to completely mature in flowering stage. You’re almost on the home stretch.


You need to flower them. I don’t know exactly what your climate is like but the alternative would be to keep them in veg through winter.

They look healthy … pull the trigger!


I’d let them flower. I live in maine, but I know the girls love hot days and cool nights. I’ve got a couple almost 8 ft tall… wishing I’d topped a few more myself. Good luck, and happy growing :snake:


Thank you all. I’ll stop lighting them at night… start reading up on the flowering stage, and apply what I learn here on the forum.

This is great → thank you so much for your help!



Being a sativa DP will take longer then an indica. I have some Durban’s a few weeks behind my others in flowering. I’m in new England and the cool nights are not a problem.

I’m outdoor growing in Colorado’s high country. Growing kush, about one, maybe two weeks to harvest and as you might guess, tomorrow mornings low is supposed to be 39 degrees f.
Indica’s, and double bagging at night is what I’ve found gets you to harvest.
Don’t know how tolerant DP is, which is why my vote is cat for flowering. Because smaller plants at dealt with easier. Best of luck to you.


According to the ILGM website (Seed Bank)

DP needs 7-9 weeks to flower.

Once you stop giving them supplemental light they should start flowering in one to two weeks. That is when you would start the flowering clock, but not until you start to see pistils!



I would let the girls start flowering. Yes the longer they Veg the more weight you’ll get in the end. But I would fight nature. Let her do her thing. You’ll probably be flowering into November at this point. But it’s probably still ok weather wise to have a solid harvest.

I would flower them now also. they look great and they will get bigger during flowering period. good luck

Great plants, let the flowering begin, ciao!

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I really thank you for your advice and links and info. This will also certainly help with my next grow. So impressed that people have tracked the time and conditions that allow specific strains to thrive and lean toward producing flowers. Ingenuity and keeping in contact through sites like this… JUST GREAT!!!

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FIRST TIMER…[Uploading…]

Been growing this outside for a long time. So much rain this summer. Plant has never had a chance to dry out due to rain. With call approaching, I am beginning to worry about light and temperature. Also, what stage is this…flowering? First time in need of advice.

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