Need advice on soil for next grow

I want to use coco coir on my next grow.I going to use 70%coco and 20% perlite so I need any peat moss or just coco and perlite

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I’m not a coco so I won’t know the exacts but I see people doing it both ways where they use amendments in the coco and use just coco with and without perlite. It’s going to be up to you on which way to go. As for which is the better way I’m into organic growing so if I went to coco I’d use amendments and top dress throughout the grow… but I would think that coco only using something like jacks 321 would be the better choice for big production

My mix:

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite.

I use Happy Frog dry amendments…


Old marine has a good one I personally do
80-90 % coco
10-20% perlite/ vermiculite ( whatever sitting around)
16-20 tablespoons 5-3-3 old truck fertilizer with mykos
3 shakes of plant probiotics and/or a inoculation of fish sh!t
Or you can do the hellraiser approach and just pre soak your coco in jacks 321 and never touch anything that needs to be organically broken down.


Hi im doin a coco coir with peat moss and perlite but not using bottled nutrients im doin organics so i have mixed in some worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and organic compost .are you goin organic or bottled nutrients

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I’m Not sure yet top dressing or liquid trying to decide

Pros of organics less burn and less work and less deficiencies i cant think of any cons and bottle nutrients u have more chance of burn and deficiencies and its a heap of work


If I try top dressing how much of each Amendments would put in a 3 gallons pot

It depends on what dry admendments ur goin to use if ur using worm castings i would do two small cups of worm castings and if ur using volcanic rock dust aswell i would do one tablespoon and if ur doin bat guano aswell one tablespoon and mix it all in

Can I use this?

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Yep I like the ingredients in it sounds like it will feed 3-5 weeks so you will have to do some sort of food at that point

Edit = I like to add some extra life because I don’t know where the soil I bought was stored and if the micro life is still alive… this is what I use

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What about alfalfa mix with it

Yah u can do that ,see i dont use it coz i cant get it in Australia

All you need is 70% coco coir and 30% perlite. Nothing else. I’ve been using coco coir for years. It’s all I use for growing my meds.


I use just coco coir as medium with nothing added other then nutrients
I love it
Happy growing

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My question is do I need to add amendments before I plant my Seed or when it pop or when. It will be my first time go on all organic and top dressing