Need advice on SK in week 5 flower

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  1. Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light
  2. Phlizon Newest 900W LED Plant Grow Light

I’m now in the middle of week 5 of flower running both lights 10" from the canopy.

3x3x6 tent main area
Strawberry kush
Coco peat
FoxFarms nutrients and rain water- all ph’d (5.5-6.5)
I have continued laying everything down as flat as I can and have raised my bamboo platform to assist in doing that. I defoliated previously but have been worried about doing that more.

First-should I let the main flowers go and let them go straight up or continue laying them down. I have no problems with height in the tent.

Second- should I defoliate more and remove the lower flower stems that only take from the growth of the main stalks. I’ve tried to keep them all! Lol- hate to cut any!

Let me hear your comments. Thanks!


No more likes sorry :heart:. The flowers are looking like there fattening up nice and maturing. I personally wouldn’t keep tucking but others might tell you otherwise. Her undercarriage looks really good my friend. If anything strip off some of those bigger fan leaves and leaves that might be blocking other bud sites from getting light.


Thanks Budz. I figured since I’m using the led grow lights and what I’ve heard about their lack of penetration- keeping them flat gives me the best results!


Few schools of thought, none right none wrong.
Personally I’d defol fan leaves lightly in the center(As I am doin on my own this morn), and for me based on flower size, probably my last time in there for a decent defol. Pict.1 looks pretty dense undercarriage, id only be concerned about airflow and wpm, I see the RH is 49%.


Thanks for your input Pet! The meter down low says 68% and the one up high says 53% right now. I agree on a little defol.

You can leave the lower buds if you feel like they will produce usable buds. Just be sure to remove enough leaves and growth to allow good airflow.


Like was already said clear the area below the screen a little and make sure there’s good airflow. Looks good


I can’t add to the awesome advise already given.

Girl looks very happy and healthy, great job.

Happy growing!


Hows that look? More?


I’m late to the party :partying_face: again looks like you are in good hands… she’s looking good keep up the good work

Ending week 7 flower and 112 days old. She’s bushy and I added another fan to keep good airflow. Should I defoliate again? If so, how much?


Also removed some of the bamboo support framework. Any trimming at this point is smokable!
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Anyone? Thanks in advance!

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Pull the leaves below the net keep the up top ones


Looks like a Sativa, so leaves are fairly thin. You could remove some lower growth, but up top I’m not seeing anything that specifically needs to be removed.


I grow dangerously without a net :laughing: nah all funny aside everything I can think of has already been said :point_up_2:
They’re lookin good :+1: just keep doing what you are doing and you will get a good harvest