Need advice on set up please

First time grower, wanting to design a set up for a 2x3 x6’H space inside a 3x6 closet. Wall to wall is 3’ so is it ok to tent wall to wall or should I go 2x2 to leave some space on side for ventilation? I will still be using the remaining space for closet/ hanging clothes etc. I’m only looking to grow 2-3 plants max.
Also what light recommendations to cover that tent size for all phases on a reasonable budget? Not necessarily cheap but reasonably priced and safe. Was looking at the mars hydro ts 1000 or the vivosun 600w full spectrum. And a 4" inline fan and charcoal filter.
Any other tips for first time set ups/growing are greatly appreciated as well.

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Horticulture lighting group will give you better performance than the vivosun. Better performance equals less heat.
Other than that, a ph meter, ppm meter, you’ll be good to go.
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Thank you Covert, any particular light or light brand you would reccomend for this set up

Get a 2x2 tent so you have some air flow and only grow 1 at a time. Plants get big. I fill up a 2x3 tent with just 1 plant easily


This is the what you should search for.not sure what country you’re in, but this company is now listed on Amazon. Amazon is an approved vendor. Be aware of the knock off boards just recently launched. While they do share the same led component, they probably aren’t top bin chip quality.

The XL version should cover your 3ft section nicely.


It seems like a lot of money at the time but the savings in electrical costs will pay for itself within a year. The light spectrum is easier on the eyes than blurple and delivers much less heat. That can be the entire difference between a good grow and a failed one.

You will likely only want to run one plant in that space unless growing little plants. I would recommend using photoperiod plants rather than autos to start.

Add a timer to the list of equipment. If your water supply is poor you may want to invest in R/O. Standard Reference Solution for the meters and some decent fans to move air inside your space. A thermometer and a fan speed controller are probably going to be necessary. You may also want to invest in a 6" fan as they move at least double the air a 4" does.


Right on. Thank you. All the light selections out there can get someone easily lost or confused. I appreciate the advice and recommendation. I dont mind spending a bit more upfront for quality.

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Would this be a good choice for the 2x2 tent then?
Any recommendations on a quiet fan ? Has to be discreet grow as possible.

HLG 135 is what I recommend for a 2x2. It’s a very similar fixture as that one, but with top bin LED‘s.

AC Infinity fans are top of the line, energy efficient, and probably the quietest fan you can buy. I have the Cloudline T6” myself. Be sure to buy the model with the built in controller. @Doobienewbie