Need advice on seedling stage - Can't make it to week 2

Hi team,

Reaching out to the community for some help and suggestions. I’ve recently started in the hobby and haven;t gone far yet despite following all recommendations out there…I’ve listed some context and images below, if anyone has had similar experience please let me know, any input will be useful! Cheers

The seedling was growing ok for about a week (see picture at D6) and then started to show wilting leaves (no discoloration). I hadn;t watered at all for 4 days so naturally thought of underwatering. I gave a good splash of water plus added some additional wet soil on top (to give more support to stem). The next morning the wilting had actually worsen. I’ve let the soil dry out and made sure there was proper drainage in pot (several holes at the bottom and on the sides). Wilting has somewhat improved a bit but far from total recovery and growth has definitely halted completely. Seedling has now taken the shape of the “I have no clue” emoji :person_shrugging: which is pretty much my state of mind right now lol.

PH was ok when I planted the seed (~6.5) but seems to be around neutral or even slight alkaline when I tested it again. I’m adding a few drops of citric acid to my water now but does not seem to make much difference…

Other relevant info:

Strain: Purple Haze
Pot and soil: Started growing in small coir fiber pot using a soil made of organic soil (~50%) + coco peat (~20%) + Perlite (~10%) + Vermiculite (~10%) + Worm Cast (~10%). Added some Miccorizhae fungi when planted the seed. No use of additional nutrients yet.
Setting: Indoor with grow tent with proper ventilation (clip fan + exhaust fan etc…)
Light: I started cycles of 18h light/6h darkness from sprouting. Using LED light 100W (Marsh Hydro TS 600) at distance of ~57cm (22inch) which should give ~300-350 PPFD according to manufacturer specs.
Temp/Hum/VPD: Average of ~26C (79F), RH ~75%, VPD ~0.7

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated guys as I am running out of ideas here…Not the end of the world if this seedling does not make it but would definitely not want to repeat mistakes.




I haven’t had good luck with porous pots. I think you let it dry out too much. A plastic pot would help retain water. I know there is a lot of over watering caution. I use an organic mix with a lot of perlite for good drainage and don’t worry about over watering.

Noted thanks Zeuspaul appreciate the help

welcome to the community. the delicate stage is a rough one with watering. i agree with @zeuspaul that it dried out. i never used one of those pots, solo cups for me and plastic or fabric pot for the forever home.


Great thanks mate

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Welcome to the community @Val31.

If you can put a transparent dome over your seedlings it will keep them moist. I feed my seedlings 20ml every other day.

For a dome I use a plastic sandwich bag.

I feed her yesterday and her soil is still moist.


Welcome to the community

Welcome to the neighborhood! These Pros will get you on the right track. Happy growing. :v: :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of water are you using?

Do you put holes in baggies?

@Laurap i do not put any holes into the baggy

Great thanks @MoFo I might try that as well. Wouldn;t that affect air flow and light intake from seedling though? I used a germination dome but with open vents to allow air flow and avoid too high temperatures. How long would you keep these bags before putting under tent?

Thanks @danniep40 . I used deionized water with a bit of hydrogen peroxyde (diluted to 0.15%)

@Val31 I can imagine it does impact the air flow which I also believe that is why it is usually full of condensation. I know my picture was of a bag that you could see through easily, but it is typically full of droplets of water and you cannot see anything inside.

In coco coir I shoot for a lower PH closer to 5.5 as well but I don’t think that is your issue. Going 4 days between watering is what I suspect did her in.

I have seen plants come back after all it’s a weed :slight_smile:

How did you know the ph was off so you started watering with water adding citric to lower ph did you check ph of water before watering cause if you lowered to low it good easy be a ph problem.

Thanks @danniep40, I tested the soil’s PH using one of the Manutec test kits. PH seemed ok when I planted (somewhere between 6-6.5) and then when I started having problem colour indicated a PH closer to 7 or even higher. After PH correction the soil was back to a reasonable range but didn;t really make a difference to the plant itself

Didn’t know what else to do so I put the 2 laying down seedlings in solo cups & covered them to almost top of leaves. Afraid to look. Kinda like having a fish tank & seeing who’s floating @ the top dead.:disappointed: