Need advice on my dwc grow 80x80x80 tent

Wats up guys new to growing been doin research for a few months jus decided to just start buying wat I need I live in ca N I can only grow six plants so I want to get the most out of those six, so I need some advice on how to go about it I’m goin dwc

Im waiting on my lights n my vent I got 4 mars 960 Watts led’s and two 6 inch vent systems…
Need some help y’all. Wat strain for biggest yields n high thc really want like pound a plant but don’t kno if it’s possible


For the biggest yields I probably would’ve went with different lights. As far as strain goes, you should also consider flowering time. Something that flowers in 8 weeks may not yield as much as something that flowers in 12 weeks, but it will allow you to get an extra harvest per year in.

I hear u bro any strains u might have in mind

And what light u think I should have went with for the tent size n plant count

With the DWC you have you’ll need to figure out how to train them “Cant net them” :clown_face:

Can I ask what you spent on the 4 lights? That will give people a better idea what to recommend.

Something with higher efficacy for sure. Cmh or some of the higher end leds. What you bought will grow weed, but not in neighborhood of others in terms of par per watt. The best yielding strains I’ve run have been Cinderella 99 and pineapple chunk, neither are sold here. The Maui waui here seems to be pretty good.

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Wat do u mean

I spent $1100 for 4

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Thanks I seen the Maui might try it out I put the nyc Diesel in the cart wat do u think about that strain

If you spent a grand they would recommend a HLG 550 if you spent $800 the would tell you to go a HLG 600, $600 a HLG 300.

You’ll get a Horticultural Lighting Group 550 recommended . I’m the Clown been changing my lights each time for the last 3 grows, installing a whole new group of USA Iron led’s (100LBs) 3 lights today for my next flowering, :clown_face:

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Try and get plants that will be relatively the same height so the light distance for the top of your canopy wont be problematic. I think the Maui may grow taller than a nyc D.

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I have no knowledge of the nyc diesel. @TDubWilly may have grown that?

Usa iron leds? Never heard of them, have any info?

Sorry was just talking about 2 VividGro at 40lbs a piece and a Parsource at around 25lbs hanging in the middle of them for a 4x8 tent at about 6’ off the ground.
Just a new experiment

Gotcha. Definitely seem like some heavy lights.

The VividGro have 3 going to use 2

Then a Parsource 400 for the middle of them


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I had a Seedling of NYC diesel but had to uproot it when I got robbed

They’re not bad lights at all. Their newer lights are competitive with the big boys for sure. The parsource, all of their lights look like rip offs of fluence or California lightworks.