Need advice on drying to maintain flavor of flowers

 I’ve been researching data on properly curing flowers to maintain flavor. I have read about 6 different answers to this question. The last was from a local hydroponic store. Advising to slow dry for 14 days, if so what would ideal temperature and humidity be? My last grow came out very potent but in my estimation the flavor lacked.

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Standard answer here is 60% rh at 60 deg F. shooting for 7-10 day dry. Personally, I can’t get those numbers. Also a personal choice I make is to “sweat” the buds near the end of the dry cycle. After a few days hanging, I will place buds in a relatively small plastic tote with a hygrometer. Let the humidity stabilize for a day and check. If rh is 75-80% or more, I rehang for another day and repeat until rh is stable at around 65% then into Grove Bags for the cure and/or long term storage.


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Thank You very much greatly appreciated. That was the numbers that Hydro store gave me. 2 positives on those numbers it’s a go. I have to put on my thinking hat for this. I can get 60% humidity stable easy. Will have to work on getting the temp right. Last grow was a kicker, very good. With this adjustment I think I’ll be right on. Newer home grower in Va. been legal for 4 plants since July 1st. 2021. Trying to catch up with info. There’s a cannabis cup competition local southeast va. Would like to get an entree in.


Thanks Sammy


Of course! I know it’s a little hard to adjust, but you get used to it

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what is the criteria to win something?
plants look great

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They had first event last year, rented a venue and anybody can be a judge until certain number met. Popular vote wins. 1st. Prize $2000 2nd - $1000 3rd $500 live music food beverage etc. VIP judges get test kits samples glass etc. (20 samples haha) sounds like great time. Is fees to enter as contestant and or judges, or just be a patron. Local hydro store sponsored. I love hydroponics Va. Beach…