Need advice on dry vapes (which brand/model)

I’m debating on getting a dry vape and I’m leaning towards the Arizer Air 2. Anyone have alternatives to this brand/model? I’d rather go ahead and spend a little more on a good one rather than wasting money to up grade several times. I appreciate your time and advice.

I see a lot of people using this

@Big123 what says you?


I’m happy with both I own, must keep clean for big rips. I paid full price for one, then a holiday sale came along and could not resist lower price for another. It’s amazing how the tastes come through with vaporizer and differences between plants and strains I detect. It fits my style of medicating.

The one you’re considering more of a session vape :dash: and one I have good for pulling a few rips down, then coming back later, stirring it and going at it again, rinse, repeat.You don’t need to stir the session vape :dash:

@nostril may be able to shed some light :bulb:

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I use the Pax 3 for dry product. Dry vape is different than ripping a bong, so if this is what you hope for in a dry vape, you may not get what you want. But for a discreet, laid back session, you’ll be very satisfied. I have used my Pax 3 and a Davinci IQ, and I prefer my Pax 3. I heard the Firefly 2 is decent but cant say I have ever seen or used one.

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I have both a Firefly 2 and an Arizer Solo II and use both of them for dry flower. The Arizer is my go-to 90+% of the time. This isn’t to say that it’s a better vaporizer than the Firefly 2, it’s just maybe better for the way I use it. The way I see the difference between the two:

Firefly 2: Great for one-or-two hitters with downtime in between. Heats up fast, cools down fast. The flower doesn’t cook between pulls, so you maintain flavor and lose less psychoactives to the air. Can be somewhat uneven on intensity between pulls, requires some crunching or stirring of the material regularly. Pocketable and relatively discreet. Cleaning is pretty easy with the vapor path being mostly glass.

Arizer Solo II: Takes longer to heat up, and stays hot for a while. It’s better if you’re going to blow through half or all of a bowl and kick the party off. Strong vapor on every pull, and very consistent. No stirring necessary, and it will completely deplete an unground piece of bud. Vapor path is a glass tube, and the product ships with a short and long one. Replacements are cheap, and they can be loaded and stored in a sealed poly tube with silicone caps. Cleaning the glass is pretty easy - I just shake isopropyl in it and occasionally use a long cotton swab to jar any resin loose. Downside is if you leave flower in, and turn the thing off, you need to either remove the glass tube or suffer a bit of cooking down.

I generally put a smallish piece of flower in the Arizer and polish it off, then repeat as necessary. The Firefly would be a better choice for a follow-up, honestly. Just “buzz maintenance” work. :slight_smile:

Good luck, and hope this helps!


I’m all about a laid back mellow method which is why I’m excited to get a good vape.

@nostril. I really appreciate your message and breaking down the pros and cons on both of those vapes. I hadn’t considered the Firefly but it has my attention now. May have to see what the cost is, that will probably be the deciding factor for my wallet.


Once your dry herb vaporizer arrives, there is a learning curve on how to pack the bowl, the best grind and how to draw to get a good vaping experience. I was initially frustrated to the point of contacting Pax thinking something was wrong with the unit, but it was frankly my lack of experience. I learned within a few days and really enjoy the vape now.


I had the Arizer solo and loved it. Ceramic oven and glass tube- very nice and smooth. They called it portable but the glass tube kept me from taking it with me as I have a pax for that.
Battery didn’t last very long (I heard they fixed the bat on the next version) and the the charger broke so I still have it but can’t charge it. When I find a charger it will return to my go to vape.
Hope this helps

It sure does help. I believe I’m going to order the Airizer Air 2. I went to a vape shop last night and everything they had looked like something I’d get frustrated with. I like the way it can be cleaned easily. I’m a fan of simple.
I also saw the grinders last night and couldn’t believe how much they cost. I ordered one from Amazon, think it was about 20 bucks.

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I use a Airizer Air 1 plugged in at my desk and a Airizer airgo out and about. My friend uses the solo, I think it works the best

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I took both my Firefly 2 vaporizers apart and deep cleaned, both hit like new now.

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I have had 2 x Da Vinci Ascents for 2.5 years and they are working daily/nightly. It seems that they are always charging in tandem, but I smoke a lot.
Its a whole new deal Vaping puff, pack the bowl only 3/4 full and TAMP lightly so it lightly springs back.
It took me ages to discover that 15 secs at high level then 365F for 3 mins…gets me to that special place

I also Vape crumbled Hashish as well at same temp…fab !

Get a great grinder, a fine grind is best.
There are a load of Yooyube videos explaining whats what.

Also, read the warranty carefully before buying and register your Vape if you do buy one, you really want a 2 year guarantee…

The most important tip is : Do not drop your Vape.:cry:

Vape On !

I appreciate the information, I’ve got my eye on a few but Christmas gifts are ahead of a vape at this moment. I will say soon, very soon.


this very interesting .

I’ve been sold on the dry vapes for a while now. I did finally break down and order a vape that I’ve had my eye one.


I use a mighty. It’s awesome

I purchased the Pax 2 when it came out, which coincided with my return to using cannabis. It’s the only herbal vape I’ve used, but I really recommend it. Cleaning it is a chore, but that seems like it’s the case with every option.

The Pax 2 might be a lot cheaper than the 3, and I think the only significant difference is the option to vape concentrates in the 3.

Everyone pretty much has things covered here. I have a Firefly 2 and Volcano Original, and love them both. I used a Pax 2 for a long time before switching up to a Firefly 2. The Pax 2/3 is a better session vape, and the FF2 is more of a solo vape. The FF 2, in my opinion, has the best overall taste between the two portables, but nothing touches my 20 year old :volcano: from Storz and Bickel. Also, the FF 2 has a huge learning curve that pisses most of my friends off. Arizer also makes great products.

edit: Just realized this post is really old. Oh well, I stand by my comments. Lol.