Need advice main stem split

This is my 8 week old Crystal plant growing outside. the main stem split at top of plant where I topped and did LST. I plan on adding some type of support under branches but not sure about repair of main stalk split

Swab a little honey on it and tape or tie it back together, place supports so it’s not got constant pressure on the split

Just curious whats the honey do. And thank you for the reply

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Honey seals up the open wound

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What ever you use to tie it together make sure it can stretch because when it heals it will become like a knuckle if the tie won’t stretch or anything then it can and will choke off the plant

Thanks I have It’s a role of stretchy tie for tying plants up like tomato plants know I have to get my supports together before our daily Florida down pours come that’s what split them yesterday made the branches to heavy and I was just thinking about supporting them yesterday oh well day late and a dollar short

Depending if it will hold leave it or zip tie it back together honey and aloe also works :wink:

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I was not sure about zip tie didn’t know if I would harm her. She wants to flower the pistols are coming out more and more but I have to weight until the end of the month I have out of town company coming I am so excited to start the flower

Zip ties. I do it all the time. And after it heals, all the growth coming from the to split branch’s is better than the unhurt parts

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Had this happen to one of my plants used garden wire on it forgot about the garden wire and the plant grew around it. They are plants that want to grow like trees and people find things like axes and chains even bikes hope this helps

I did the same thing to my girl a week or so ago while I was doing some LST. I used a bandaid to fix her. It worked and honestly she hasn’t suffered any ill effects. She is doing great and is starting to flower. I hope your girl is okay.

Patriotic duct tape is what I used. It’s holding up pretty well. This happened early on for me.

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I ended up tying together with a stretch tie tape for plants then zip tying together I also put supports under branches. I just worry about weight when I put her into flower September 1 so far no side affects

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I would like to thank those who replied and offered advise to help me

Once my girl starts to really stretch and flower (wishful thinking) I will be prepared to brace her horizontal branches as well. I haven’t removed the band-aid so I’m not sure what’s going on under there. I will carefully remove that soon to see how it healed and scarred.