Need advice, harvest / curing

These 3 autos are ready to harvest. However I’m going on vacation for 7 days starting this Sunday. And I have to take down the tent Saturday. I live in a humid location by ocean.

So if I harvest before I leave, they will be in my drying closet for a week with no humidity control (dehumidifier needs emptying often) with average indoor humidity at 70%

Secondly I could let the soil dry out, leave them in the pots and place in a dark closet and wait to harvest until I return. They would be very dry.

Lastly I guess I could water them before I leave and just put them in my bedroom where they will get natural light. and harvest when I return? This way the would not dry out all the way. I appreciate any suggestions or experiences!



I think I would water them thoroughly, and put them in the tent with no light so they dry out slowly.


Thank you Dexterado, that’s exactly what I did!

By George it worked. Just got back from vacation yesterday - let them sit in tent in dark for 7 days and these plants are super sticky and smell great. Thank you Dexterado!

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Ready for dry closet


looks like a delicious tv dinner :yum:

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Glad to hear it. Looks good.

Hang the branches upside down turn off the lights get humidity down to around 50% in the tent and have an oscillating fan on low speed to move air softly. Should be roughly 7-10 days and the Bud should snap cleanly off the branches then time to cure!!!

Thanks Rev. I have harvested, trimmed, dried and cured many times. My question was about going on vacation at the exact time the plants were ready for harvest. @ Dexterado answered my questions and it worked.

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