Need advice for supplemental outdoor light

Hello everyone😃

I’m growing a THC Auto Bomb outdoors during the day and it goes in a mini greenhouse at night. I need to add a supplemental light because it’s not getting enough sunlight as the daylight hours are shorter now.

I’ve been researching lights and think that an led strip light is the easiest way to go. But I don’t understand what’s better as far as ratio of lights goes. The choice is red:blue 3:1, 5:1, 7:1.
I don’t really understand if it’s better to have more red or more blue lights. I’m using the light for supplemental outdoor lighting. I will turn it on when the sun sets, and off when the sun rises. Except during flower I will give the plant a dark period.

I don’t know if this will work but I want to try it. I love growing and I don’t have an indoor set up. But I am fortunate to live in a great climate!

This is just for one autoflower plant in a mini plastic greenhouse after the sun sets. I move the plant out of the greenhouse every morning for direct sun.

Can anyone recommend anything here? Is it better to have more red lights or blue lights? Has anyone tried this?

Thank you so much for your input😃

You sound like you have been looking at Amazon lights.
There is no cheap way to get around this and get any decent results.
My mind would jump to buying a used Amazon type light off craigslist/Facebook marketplace so you can realize the challenge.

If you want results for cheap and don’t mind a bit of heat/power usage then go to HPS and ballast that you can switch to CMH for veg later.
Otherwise go look at 3000k (light temperature/color) LED’s of top quality like HLG

Okay I tracked down a thread that me and 2 of the mods just finished helping someone with your similar situation.
So please read this first, it will basically give you a look into the future

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Hey @Nicky, I just asked this question on another post and I see you did exactly what I was asking about. How do you copy link to another post to use in different post

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See the little 2 pieces of chain below the posts right beside the love button, right there.
That provides you the link, then pass it into your reply.

Thanks, I’m slowly figuring things out. I need a little help sometimes. Appreciate your help.

No problem as payment you can drop us a picture of your dogs because they are fricking cute little ones haha


Be careful what you wish for, I love these dogs. I’ve always loved dogs, but in my old age I think I might have become one of those crazy dog people.


Thank you very much Nicky😃

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