Need advice first grow


I have 5x5x6.5 foot grow tent, 2 1000w lights temp stays around 83 and humidity around 30 to 50. I have 4 plants in 7 gallon pots how long should i veg for for maximum yield? 3 have been vegging for 30 days and 1 for 21 days.! Thats a citral glue r1 that will veg along with fire og and goriila glue #4 when these are in flower.


They’re gonna damn near double in size after you switch to
12/12 so it really depends on how much head room you have.


If i have enough head room how long can i been in these 7 gallon pots before they become root bound?


I use 7 gallon pots myself and after a 5 month grow the roots completely fill the pot. That being said, you can probably vegg for two months or so then switch. My tent is only 63" tall so I top and lst the hell outta them. I got pics on my other phone I’ll shoot you soon as I crawl outta bed


Nice looking forward to those pics. 2 months sounds good just need patience i’m ready to flower them being my first grow and all. Haven’t had any granddaddy purp in about 5 years. I’ve topped them too many times to count. Do you set up a trellis net? I haven’t decided if i will try one or not.


A full 5x5 will yield more than one that’s partially full. That comes down to how hard you want to work at it. You’re also probably a little weak on light to have good bud density over that kind of space.


How is it weak on light i have 2 1000w mh lights in a 25sq ft area i think that should be more yhan enough.


Update been flowering since oct 6


Nice work there look nice


Looking very good. Keep up the good work



40 days in flower they already turning purple