Need advice Calcium deficiency?

OK, I stand corrected here! I put 2ml of Roots liquid cal/mag in a gallon of RO water and checked the EC. The raw RO water checked at .014 EC, since it had been in a bucket a couple days it had a slight reading. After adding 2ml of cal/mag the reading was .221 EC. Not sure what PPM this equates to but I have seen conversation charts, but .221 is a very light reading so your 70 PPM may not be off.

Could I finish my grow with only supplementing tea once a week? If so would you do the same tea recipe every week or alternate between a few different ingredients?

After feeding them the tea this morning it has only been a few hours and the leaves are starting to perk up. The plants look alot better then yesterday.

When you do teas but have a cal deficiency would you add any calmag or eggshell liquid to the tea?

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@elementhc, glad you appear to be back on track.
Just a tip about this forum that took a while for me to learn. You can tag a member with your post, by typing the at sign followed by the member’s name. This will notify that member that you mentioned them in your post.

@Ickey that explains alot hahaha I’ll be sure to tag people from now on!!!

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