Need advice before I purchase this light

I’m new to this and still learning about how many watts it takes to flower a plant. I’m looking for something that could efficiently flower 5-6 plants. Will this do?

Mars hydro runs inferior diodes for the money you spend. I would rather be looking at first: Horticulture Lighting Group, followed by CHILled Tech and California Lightworks. HLG is the king right now.

No lights that come from overseas use the (mostly) latest diodes from Samsung and according to some email traffic there are NO companies receiving them from overseas.

Not supposed to put up links from non-affiliates but needed to show you the product. This light will do a fine job with 5 or 6 plants and do it more efficiently than almost anything else out there. It’s on sale now and you might try the discount code: DUDE to see if that helps further.


If you’re spending that kind of money look at HLG or ChilLED


Yeah; I agree. And that HLG 600 Rspec is on sale. Silent, dimmable, latest top bin diodes, highest efficacy available without building your own. (Which is what I did)


I didn’t know a thing about lights when I started So I happened to watch youtube and checked out a guy named migro. He reviews every light on the planet. So 3 years ago, I went with HLG because of his review and they have been great. BUT, that was for my smaller foot print then you have and I did notice when he reviewed the 500+ watt lights, it was a different ball game with different players.


Bought this HLG 350r in July, it’s flowering 9 in a 5x5. I agree with the others, HLG. You could get 2 of these for what you’re looking to spend.


HLG and chilled are the top dogs and quality is reflected in the price.

I run kingbrites which are similar but way cheaper, I also. Have HLG’s but I prefer the value of the kingbrites they are a top Chinese manufacturer unlike mass. Majority of. The Chinese lights that are knockoffs. Everyone I have read on multiple forums loves their kingbrites and they warranty product. But it’s gonna take a bit longer in shipping.

If you want it now but don’t have money for hlg or chilled then spider farmers are okay, they are expensive for what they are though… You pay for convince basically. Definitely not up the quality of the other 3 but at least they are better than mars hydro or any of that junk


I’m on the hlg train myself so that’s what I recommend

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HLG definitely :v:


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Refurbished for $600 and if the discount code “dude” works on this it’ll be $540

@Myfriendis410 Mars lights r now using the new Samsung lm301b diodes I know because I just purchased one

Well, that’s what they tell you, anyway. …


Ok but I guess u don’t use them so wouldn’t know​:joy::joy::joy:anyway I’m not gonna argue just stating a fact stated by manufacturer


Mars hydro is not even comparable to spider farmer in any way. Mars does not use any kind of good like spider does and neither use the goods that hlg chilled and other do. Mars has upped their game but still not enough. They r still considered white light blurples


I have the damn proof it has the best sm diodes so really think what u like buddy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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First let me say I’m jealous looking at same light saving, but can I get your opinion, I am looking at HLG lights cause all I hear is great things and the “check all the box’s” but I like kinda like the bar light design. It would be in 4x4 and maybe having 2 long like Mars Hydro sp 3000 bar, or just a bar light design, would that be better then 1 main board? Would love to hear y’all feed back, thanks

I run 4 QB260 rspecs and love them :heart_eyes:. Won’t buy anything else now.
Have you looked at Maxibright, they have a light bar setup as well. Don’t know anything else about them though