Need advice after transplanting seeds to Hydroponics


hiya @Bogleg @Ironjoe …a question about the roots, were the two plants in that soil/seed starter mix to start and you washed it off before transplanting?

if the roots were disturbed too much or even damaged a little when you looked or during the transplant, they could be stressed needing a few days to recover more


@kabongster yes they were in some starter soil, and i had to rinse off the roots because the root system was pretty thick with soil really embedded them. I’m hoping that’s all they need is more time but they’re turning yellow now.
@Bogleg I did take pebbles out and replanted the roots deeper and made sure water is running over the roots.


Just want to clarify do you mean roots are submerged or that water is misting them in netpots? your res looks pretty full by my standards which would 1"-1 1/2" form bottom of net pot.
Transplant shock is quite normal


@Donaldj lifted the basket and I can see some roots at the bottom. They are pretty thin like Angel hair pasta but appear to be submerged when basket lid is closed.



the net pot should be above nutrient level 1" or more
and to me looks like they are just working their way to nutrients this usually results in a plant using stored energy to divert to root growth much of the yellowing is the result of being hungry if your ph was out for any duration then they do tend to get hungry too. As for the leaf droop during dark cycle many of my plants do that and perk right up within a few minutes of lights being on :wink: it doesn’t mean they are ill


@Donaldj Okay thanks man. I have lots to learn. I’m going to reposition the plants in the buckets.


I ended up using a Root enhancer and the plant is coming back to life.


Your nutrient level still looks far too high even if you used a root enhancer it won’t prevent the biggest reason we keep nutrient level 1" below netpot.
You also use hydroton Clay balls to keep light out of res and dry layer to prevent algae and trunk rot same reason nutrient level is kept lower. Trunk rot isn’t always obvious when plants are young and in veg but if it gets a chance it infects trunk rotting it from inside out cutting off nutrient and weakening trunk. Since plants grow and recover from damage fast during veg it can hide until flower when plant stops using energy to repair and starts to focus on budding resulting in toppling plant multiple deficiencies severely diminished yields if they make it to harvest.
This is why nutrient level is kept below pot and dry layer is important