Need advice after transplanting seeds to Hydroponics


I have 5 plants in total and transferd two plants to hydroponics using General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart (Pack of 3). I left the Ph at 6.6. what I’m noticing is they seem droopy especially early in the morning before the lights come on.


You need to get the ph down to 5.8


okay thanks. 1st thing when I get off work is lower it to 5.8.


What is the temp?


84 I need to buy an a.c. unite


I keep mine between 70-75


I’m definitely going to buy an a.c. unit. The end of Nov and it’s 75 degrees in Texas. I just didn’t see that odd warmth coming. PH now at 5.8.


84 isn’t ideal but it won’t kill your plants.

I’m s hydro grower so tag me if you have any issues. Might be something I dealt with already.


Your plants will love you. Im up in northern MN so i have to deal with the cold. High of 40 today


Born and raised in MN myself. Go Vikes!


What up @Ironjoe?

I live in Texas myself. I can almost manage with no AC during the winters and just occasionally have to break out the heater. Winter growing in Texas is not to bad you just have to watch humidity drops. Be sure to get that AC before about April though, otherwise youll be up that one creek without a paddle


Vikes are doing pretty good this year


I wish ac was my issue this time of the year,watching the lakes freeze


@Bogleg, So before work this morning I pulled our the clay pebbles and made sure the roots were deep in the basket so as to absorbe water. They did seem kind of shallow. what I’m worried about is how they’re starting to shrink and droop. I feel like they’re slowly dying I’m about to re-soil them.

Anymore tips keep them coming.


try covering them for a few days with a clear cup to make a humidity dome. I wonder how many of us Texas growers there are here?


That looks a lot like my SSH did. Can you verify the roots are actually getting wet?

I thought mine were, but I was wrong. I discovered this by also removing all the clay pebbles so I could look. I ended up lowering my plant further in the net pot so the roots got water and that worked. But the simplest solution is to top feed that plant until it has roots long enough to be in the water. My guess is it is drying up. Check out my journal if you like:


@Bogleg Yea my two transplants look exactly like yours did. I did make sure the roots were at the bottom of the basket where the water was coming in. I have a Humidifier right in the tent. I’ll dump the water and refill the Nutrients again.


Can you see the roots through the bottom of the net pot? Are they wet?


Yea they’re wet but not going through the net just laying at the bottom of it.


Is the bottom of the medium the plant is in wet too?

Basically are you confident they are not drying out?

@Donaldj or @kabongster can you take a look?