Need a way to run exhaust above roof

I have great exhaust to the basement window but because the smell is a sweet tar odor that just smells illegal i need to run my exhaust above my roof to get that smell away. I don’t want to spend 90 bucks for 15 ft of hose, but i need something varmint proof and hold up outside. If i could find 6 inch corrugated field tubing that would work but comes in rolls of 100ft rolls around here. I just need to act on this pretty quickly

Why not a carbon filter? I vent through my chimney and depending on wind direction I could still smell it.

Carbon filters are very effective. I would be divorced if not for my filter. My grow is right next to our bedroom and she thinks the smell will make her hallucinate.


That would piss me off if i smelled it from my chimney. But i smell wood burners during the winter around me. I want the heat to exhaust to the outdoors along with the smell. And im smelling it outside so i need to get it up. If i knew it wouldn’t affect the cfm i could reduce to 4 inch but that seems wrong

What size and cfm exhaust fan are you using? A carbon filter will scrub any odor coming from the grow space and remain stealthier than corrugated tubing climbing the side of your house.

With the carbon filter ur exhausting heat back into the house right ? I wouldn’t like that in my cool basement.

No, you can still vent out your basement window, just add the carbon filter before your exhaust fan.


oh that sounds better. My cfm is 390. I switched my fans around and since i did it im smelling it to much.

It should be setup so that air goes in through the filter, through any vented hood you might have, then out through the fan. You could then run that out wherever you want. You could even duct it straight into your living space and use the heat if you wanted. If you get a good carbon filter, you won’t smell a thing.

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I would go with carbon filter too. Field tile has holes in it, not good to use for duct.

I ordered a carbon filter last night but i don’t think i can put it inline like i wanted unless you can change the enclosed end to connect also. I have a good set up shooting it outside my basement window it be a waste to not use it,i don’t want the warm air exhausting in my basement. But i can make anything work with some tweaks

Hook filter so fan pulls air through the filter and then you can still push it out the window


ok that will work. Thanks dbrn32

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I vent mine right out the basement window also. Fan sucks it through carbon filter and out the window

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nicely done Watt-Sun . I take it the 2 hoses are fresh air in. That’s something i haven’t got is fresh air in, but my basement is very large, with the furnace running i think the circulating air from that has been fresh enough

Actually I have a separate intake fan that is set to turn on with the exhaust fans. It draws air from outside the grow room . I put a back draft dampener on it because my last grow I used a passive intake and it wafted into the basement when the fans turned off and stunk up the place

Also have a fresh air intake set up to cool my lights

It is amazing all the different ideas growers come up with to make it work. Tokers are geniuses. Thanks for some new ideas

It elvolves on a regular basis.i started in cabinets but got tired of worrying about the size of the plants . I added the carbon filter after I noticed my neighbors hanging out at the end of their driveway sniffing the Air trying to find where the smell was coming from . I hid the exhaust exit begind my grill lol

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that’s funny. I’m around 6 weeks in flower and started worrying about the smell when i hooked up a fan with more cfm and i could smell it on both ends of my house. My plants have a sweet pine tar smell i haven’t smelled anything like it. But i’m thinking if someone smells it there gona know this smells like something growing in March and illegal at that. Paranoia will destroy ya