Need a vote for advice Please VOTE

I have two super skunk Fim 24 days old today I want to have a vote on how long I should leave them before the time transfer 12 on 12 off The bigger the better everyone’s opinion counts help if willing to participate thank you

as of today this is what they look like

It looks to be more Indica (smaller & bushier). I always say plants can grow 2-3 times in size, after put into flower, depending on strain.

This is something youll have to judge on your own, as far as how long you Veg. I like to Veg as much as possible, to get the maximum yield.

So it depends on other factors in which you’re not sharing, like tent height, or allotted time frame.

GL, and happy growing.


if that’s 24 days from seed… personally I would give them 15 more days before I flip the switch.


Timeframe there is none tent size 4’ x 2’ x 60" tall 80% Indica super skunk three 300 W LED lights in to 1750 lm CFL lights there’s any more information you need just ask I want to get the most out of it I can

Humility and temps are perfect

Last night

They always grow like that under red/blue leds its like they get all they need so stop growing up and grow huge leaves
they all look the same in flower

They actually group probably 4 inches I believe from the 23rd to the 24th I’m hoping and thinking they should go up more again today but will see this evening

My Cindy looked like that at 6 weeks veg, so she’s flowering now. Huge leaves and low

When they hit flower they will try grow to the normal shape the light make less of a different look at that point

Here’s a picture of them and some normal light this is also the stuff that I use please let me know if you see a problem with any of it i use fox farm Ocean blend I’ve seen people not even use nutrients for eight I’m using RTI Extreme Gardening Mykos Granular… FOR starting seed and transplant along with General Hydroponics Flora Grow,… the 3 pack h, ph​:arrow_up:️&:arrow_down:️ Liquid seaweed & cal/mag that’s about it

So has the plant been topped , if so cut the very bottom set of leaves off to transfer that energy to the top growth and she will take off in about 2 weeks focus on new up top growth , once you see the new growth starting to branch out , tie down the bottom lbranches kind of spreading it out so more light can penetrate in all the leaves which acts as solar panels , and you can used bread wrappers to tie it down just do it with care , if a stem breaks don’t panic , just duck tape it in place immediately and it will fix itself which serves as benefit when the knuckle grows back , but I would spread it open more by tying the branches down so light can get thru to the soil medium and cut the very bottom big fan leaves off to transfer that energy up top for new growth and once the nodes start stretching I’ll put a screen scrog over it and continue the same methods until she fills out , but that’s just my way of doing things in my opinion .

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Thank you @Aquaponic_Dumme, you saved
me from saying the same


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It has been topped about a week ago it’s already starting to branch off will that matter

Just let them adapt and continue to do as you have been. You have plenty of time before you have to flower; Unless you are in a hurry to harvest. :slight_smile:

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They look very healthy. My led grows always start short and bushy. I am currently at week 7 of my veg period for this grow and still going. It’s all how soon and how much you want to harvest to me.

Being my 1st time indoor growing under led I started the 12-12 cycle 3 days ago because I know they are going to get a lot bigger and I just started 2 more in solo cups yesterday that will give me a good idea of what to do the 2nd time they are very happy it’s nice having 3lights 300watt each and 2 tents

they are reaching for the light and starting to flower I’m happy happy happy