Need a timer for my grow lights

What do you guys use as a timer for your grow lights? I was looking for something that works but unsure what to use. Do you guys know of any ones I can control with my phone?


I use digital from harbor freight. Geeni makes a lot of products


I use this smart power switch. I figured i have a few things I need on a timer so why not get one that does it all.

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Happy cake day. How does it work if you don’t mind me asking?

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Will check out, Ty!

Thank you! I just had to program it through the Alexa app. I already use it for a bunch of smart home stuff so this was perfect for me. Realty easy to program as well

I use a Vivosun timer. Gets the job done but it’s nothing to write home about. If you’re going to be buying new stuff I’d recommend getting AC Infinity gear. Get the controller 69 and a UIS cable for your light. As you accumulate cash you can add more of their gear and run it with the same controller. Pretty sure it can be operated via Bluetooth. They’re making a WiFi version too but every time I look they’re sold out.

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Harbor Freight is the unassuming friend of growers everywhere. I got my IR thermometer, moisture meter and some other stuff there on the cheap.

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I’m still trying to figure out if I can use my HLG with that.

With the controller 69? If so then yes. You have to get a UIS cable for $12. From an email response asking about my 350R: “We have recently released a UIS Light Adapter Type-A, which will allow you to connect a compatible light to the Controller 69.” I’d link you to it, but … When you find the page it has a list of lights that work with it.

I’ve been too busy to actually go look at the list, but given her response I’d assume HLG is on that list. If it’s not then look at different versions of the cable.


I have the 260xl and I don’t think it has the connections needed.

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Looks like she told me wrong. Look up the same thing, but type B. HLG is on that list. Finally took a look at it myself.

Edit: I think that’s for one of the different dimmers. I’m going to email them again and hopefully get someone who knows that they’re talking about. I feel my dreams dying right now…lol

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Keep that dream alive!!! Looks like a pretty easy fix.


Great minds think alike. I sent them another email and then started searching about switching the dimmer.


I’ll have to try this! wtf

Not automated yet, was looking at christmas timers out for christmas. With people synchronization to music and christmas lights together, yhose timers have changed alot.

Anyone look at those lately? Sure look complicated.

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From the ac infinity website

List of Compatible Grow Lights by Brand

ATREUM - HYDRA Series (UIS Control Plug)

BESTVA - Bat, TF Series (Type-A)


CHILLED TECH - GROWCRAFT Series that are compatible with their Dimmer to RJ12 Adapter (Type-B)

FLORAFLEX (UIS Control Plug)


GROPLANNER - O, O+ Series (UIS Control Plug)

GROWER’S CHOICE - ROI Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

HLG - All Models with RJ 0-10V Dimming Box (Type-B)


KIND LED - X, X2 Series (UIS Control Plug)

KINGBRITE (UIS Control Plug)

LIGHTGEEK - Geekbeast, Crazy Farmer, Monsterboard Series (UIS Control Plug)

LUXX - DE 1000, 645 LED Pro, 860W LED Pro 200W Bar (UIS Control Plug)

MARS HYDRO - TS, FC, FC-E, SP Series with Self-Branded Drivers (Type-A)

MARS HYDRO - TS, FC, FC-E, SP Series with Moso/Meanwell Drivers (Type-B)

MEDIC GROW - EZ, FOLD, and SMART Series (Type-A)

MEDIC GROW - MINI SUN Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

MEDIC GROW - SPECTRUM Series (UIS Control Plug)

MIGRO - ARAY Series (Type-B)

NEXTLIGHT - Home, Pro Series (UIS Control Plug)

OPTIC LED - GMAX, SLIM Series (UIS Control Plug)

PHANTOM - Pheno 440 (Type-A)

PHANTOM - 50, DE, Photobio Series (UIS Control Plug)

PHLIZON - PL, FD, PRO Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

PHOTONTEK - X, XT, SQ Series that are compatible with their Dimmer to RJ12 Adapter (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

SPIDER FARMER - G, SE, SF Series with Self-Branded Drivers (Type-A)

SPIDER FARMER - SE, SF Series with Moso/Meanwell Drivers (Type-B)

SUNRAISE - Bar Series (Type-A)

THE GREEN SUNSHINE COMPANY - Electric Sky Series (UIS Control Plug)


VIPARSPECTRA - XS, P Series (UIS Control Plug)

VIVOSUN - VS Series (Type-A, Limited Dimming Range)

VOLT - VL, FL Series (Type-A)

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Personally I like the manual timers. Get a couple and set them to 18/6 and 12/12. Trade them out, plug them in, and forget about it.

But then again I kind of miss land lines and rotary phones


I’ve talked to AC infinity on how to connect the Type-B to my HLG lights. They didn’t really have a clue if I didn’t have that telephone line connector. I think HLG sends an adapter for it that looks like:

I did end up taking my dimmer off to see what it looked like and if the connection was possible and… it seems so! I’ll be giving it a try and keeping you guys updated. Here’s the dimmer connections:

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@dbrn32 any clue on where the RJ wire would be in this dimmer box? Or if it would be located there? I know my growers choice has the RJ cables for daisy chaining that i use with the master controller so if its not visible im not sure