Need a new PPM pen

Anybody got any feeling about this set? It’s like someone mentioned above - they all literally look like the same product with different names on them.

I had the same issue, battery in mine was like 8 years old lol, swapped for new lr44 battery and it worked great again.

Should’ve read whole thread before i posted. Just excited I knew the answer.

Cheap pens fail quickly. I suggest you look through the buyer’s fuide for legitimate ideas on what you need.

Are you using hydro, soil, or soil-less?

These super chesp pens never lasted for me. spend an extra 30-40 bucks and get a Milwaukee or Apera model

I have one of these

I had one of these for a longtime

This is just PH, if you want to go the seperate pen route

I owuld try and find the multi-meter because, all electrodes die eventually, even with proper care (very important), wear out, and the MW801/802 has a replacable electrode. I also had an older model SM802 of the Multi-meter that was line green colored.

*Here is the replacement electroe for MW801/802

*This replacement electrode does not work for the old SM801/802 models.

Here are a couple Apera models

I’m gonna b totally honest with u. I’m making video with mine soon but look up the grow tent or welcome to grow tent. I got one it was 79. Bucks but it’s worth every penny. I get my ppm my ph. All in one very simple to read. I had them green one up there n no I don’t think there correct all the time

Not very accurate. See my post

Yeah - it was total crap!
I ended up getting the Apera PH60.
More expensive - but I let my credit card miles pay for it! LOL! Thanks Capitalism One!!
But well worth it!
Learn from my mistake people - DON’T skimp on the pen!!

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