Need a name for this calamity

It’s a blend of Dutch Passion’s Forbidden Fruit x with Grease Monkey. Diesel, citrus, and hash aroma while growing. Taste of grapefruit, diesel, hash, and lemon. Very oily…

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There’s a gas monkey strain but not monkey fuel.

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It may sound stupid, I was thinking of calling it Jerry curl. It’s greasy as can be, anything it touches becomes sticky.

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If it’s your strain it’s yours to name.

Hmm greasy and fruity maybe Fruity pancakes( with plenty of butter lol) or maybe diesel fruitshake

I’m sorry but I gotta say. In this moment in time
Ya might wanna rethink the name? might find that name offensive?

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Sorry was watching Coming to America when I was trimming it up.

So you can guess the pic I deleted. Yes from that movie is what i was thinking

Lmao, it’s a classic

LMAO that’s funny!
So you a blazing saddles fan?

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Excuse me while I whip this out!!! Love almost all of Mel Brooke’s movies. Back when everyone made fun of everyone.


You guys are speaking my language here. The sheriff is Near!!

Between grease monkey and fruity pebbles whatever the hell you crossed it with for some reason frank Zappa song names are bouncing around my head

Should I call it the Dust of the Grand Wazoo?

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Monkeys Undies

I wish Ethiopian Shim Sham worked but it doesn’t really.

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Could call it Alfonso’s Pancake Breakfast.

I actually was thinking that too just because it’s a cool name.

Or even the Great Googly-Moogly

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Lmao!!! :joy::joy::joy: