Need a little support. Total newbie at this

I realize I need to give them nutrients and I have not yet. Should have bought the nutrient package. I have superthrive and rapidstart. Can I use one of those?

What else? Affordable nutrient suggestions please.

Be nice. I can successfully grow corn, cilantro, sesame leaves, and zucchini from seed, but this is my first experience with MJ.


Ok what soil light indoor outdoor tent fan co2 all these need answering but you NEVER give nutrients to a seedling the seed alone with the correct soil means you should not need to add nutes until week 5

And welcome to the community

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Thank you for replying!

  1. Soil: FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix
  2. 20W LED grow light panels on shelf above seedlings. On 12 hours/off 12 hours a day.
  3. Water with regular tap water or fish tank water. Wait till top 2 inches of soil is dry to touch before watering again. I’ve only watered twice total since I planted them.
  4. Planted 8 seeds on 8/5/21.
  5. Sprouted 4 of 8 about 3-5 days later.
  6. Sprouted 2 more 8 days after planting.
  7. Currently inside an indoor greenhouse with my other house plants, but moving them to their own grow tent by VivoSun from Amazon tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Need bigger lights probably for the grow tent? What wattage or level is best?
  9. Two seeds have not sprouted.

I will take better picture close up tomorrow.

  1. Humidity meter.
  2. Also have a fan blowing on low for inside airflow.
  3. Normally keep the tent closed and zipped, but I open it at least once a day to look at all my plants.
  4. On hot hot days, I will leave the door open.
  5. How hot is it supposed to be in a greenhouse or grow tent?
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Ocean forest will carry your girls all the way to flowering on a regular schedule. No nutrients needed before flower in that medium. If you intend to maintain the hobby for years, jacks 321 is unbeatable. Even a small $30 ebay package would probably last you 3 grows. Of course it’s cheaper in the long. Ridiculously cheap, this way.
You only use per gallon 3.6g of part A, 2.4-2.6 of part B (B is always last to be mixed in, after salt), 1.2g magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)


You’ll need a dehumidifier. Try not to go above 85°F and stay within a +/- of 10°. So if you are getting 85°f don’t let it drop below 65°F at night.

As far as humidity goes once flower hits I consider 60% too high and if they hit 70 I have alarms that blare enough to even wake me up.

It hasn’t went off in months. Thats how much I try to keep everyone under 60% RH (3 tents on one lung)
3 is the outer lung now. I have blue tooth sensors for two of the tents. 2 is my current main flower tent, light off currently.

So main lung, (2) main flower, (3) rest of the house.

Other flower tent. Light on.

She’ll probably climb to 82°. Hasn’t been on long and was just watered.


Forget nutes they don’t need that for another week looks like they need more light they’re getting pretty leggy


Welcome to the community ! Seedlings are doing fine stretching a bit. I recommend lower the light a little. Also small fan to create a little air flow just enough to make the seedlings jiggle that will strengthen the stems. Just my thoughts good luck



Light needs to be on at least 18hours a day in veg
18 on 6 off


On your question about lights what size tent do you have bigger the tent the more you need


I just switched them to a grow tent so I need to order a better light for it. What wattage should I get?

Also have a fan blowing towards the wall on low above them.

At what point do I need to repot them? I have 5-gallon nursery containers ready and black gold soil. Should I not switch soil brands? I originally planted them in ocean forest.

Will a dehumidifier help with the overall temperature or only humidity? How do I keep it from getting too hot in there? I repotted 3 of 6 of them.

You have to controll the lung room. Not the tent. When the lung is controlled the tent will follow.


When I repotted 3 of them to 5 gallon pots, I used black gold soil.

What’s the lung room? The room the tent is in? Maybe I need to move the tent to someplace that won’t get sun out the outside. It’s getting too hot inside the tent.

You can go into the upper 90°s if you keep your humidity at 80-92%rh but the only real thing you can do for temp is increase exhaust or air conditioner

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Exhaust? :disappointed_relieved:

Yes the lung room is whatever room your tent has intake. Some vent outside or to other rooms. I recycle my whole lung room. Which my dehumidifier which creates a good amount of heat. Sits on the opposite wall of of my flower tents. My lung room isn’t small. Since I gutted the walk in closet and threw a 4x4x7 veg/prop tent in it.

Here’s the flower tents. In the room.