Need a little reassurance

How are these looking, I’m a green pea and need a little reassurance. Seems like a heck of a lot of bud sites. Flipped then on 5/30. Ffof, Ff Neuts, qb lights , 5 gal pots. Critique and suggestions welcome!


Your plants are looking really good, @Audiofreak. Be sure to keep all of those bud sites exposed to air flow and direct light.

Either tuck of remove leaves as they grow and cover bud sites.


Uploading: 20190620_095034.jpg… I’ve done very little trimming at this point, just the big fans that are blocking. The plant on right is much more dense than its tent matell and was considering doing some trimming. Just not sure how much. The light seems to be getting to them quite well as far as the plants are showing. No appearance of week grouth as the buds seem to be stacking all over (can count some 18/20 bud sites each) just not sure if that is good, bad, or normal. Other than having to water/feed every other day (they both will show a little wilt every other day and bounce back in about 30 min after watering so they are drinking consistently so I think that’s good??? No issues so far (fingers crossed). Have been “playing” with some “lst” but have learned to be more careful as I broke a couple branches but with tape and support no issues on affected branches.

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Be sure to wait until uploading has finished before posting…

It keeps telling this picture is too large, don’t know how to resize.

Are you using Windows 10 photo viewer?

If so, go to the “…” menu and select resize and then select the 2 MB option.
If you are using Android or Apple, I can’t help.

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I take all of my photos at 6000X4000 resolution but always dumb them down for posting.
I shoot for less than 300KB in size per photo.

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Android phone.

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I will tag in a couple of folks that may know how to resize a photo using Android.

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @elheffe702 @Holmes @Missiles
@DoobieNoobie @garrigan62 @Jbum


Back in the old days I’d just email the pic to myself.

In my phone when I have the picture pulled up I have options at the very bottom to edit the pictures. It is the second option at the bottom that looks like 3 lines on top of each other. Once you select this you can crop the picture and make it smaller



I can crop and such but was trying to show whole plant. I will try new picts later and see if they will send.

I don’t use my phone for photos but I just took a look…I did not see a way to change the resolution of a photo. There is likely an app you can get that will do that.

Another option would be to send the photo to your PC, resize then post.

Here ya go.


Excellent @DoobieNoobie, that won’t change an existing photo resolution but it will allow you to take photos at the resolution that you need. Perfect!

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Yeah that should be a solution that will solve it. And only lowering it by one won’t hurt quality of pictures.

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Oops that was front camera. Here’s rear and the option I use. Never had a problem with it.

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OK will try to readjust photo settings, my concern is I’m running out of room left to right and front to rear with the little LST I have done so far. I have limbs flat up against all walls.I’m sure that’s a matter of lack of experience in LST ing but I’m learning.LOL thinking I may Scrog just one plant next grow, from what I’m seeing I can fill a 2x4 net with just one plant and get the same yield as with 2 plants as they are currently. Input on this point would be helpfull.

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Sounds like you’re letting them go to long in veg. You can certainly fill that space with one plant but it might take a little longer. And being a rectangle it’ll take more work to get the plant into the shape. As for broken branches once the plant starts flowering the branches harden up and there’s not much you can do after a certain point.

They were in veg only 4 weeks. They were about 14 inches or so at the flip. If I waited any longer they would be sticking out the top of the tent LOL.

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