Need a little help with grow

One Black Jack, one Lithum O G Kush.
3x3 x 5 grow tent. Mars Hydro 600 full specturm led. Two fans inside plus 250 cfm extractor. Unfortunately the temp is 84 degrees, 78 when off. Constant 50 % humidity. Fox farm ocean soil, 6-6.5 ph, runoff’s also a 6. Both taking 1 liter water. Up to full strength fox farm nutes, taking it well.
Main question, should I wait to start 12-12 light schedule? Why are they so dense? Plenty of pre flowers. At 10 inch in height, seems doing something wrong. 4 inch from screen. Fimed both plants, next day green was sprouting . Oh yea, light 18 inchs off plant on 16-8 schedule. Thoughts?

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@Freedom21 sounds like ur ambient temps are high have u got ur lights on at night and off during the day ? Do u get fresh air from outside?

For the fan size :point_up_2: It needs to move total cubic feet of air inside tent at least once every 2 minutes
I don’t think your numbers are correct or I’d do the calculation for you unless your tent 2.4 ft tall.

2.4x2.4x?=? Cubic ft
Fan needs to push/pull that many CFM/2

@Freedom21 how old is your plant? Do you have pics? If you topped them they stop growing up and start growing out (bushy and dense) you’ll probably have to thin it out to get space btwn the colas for air and light but that’s without pics

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Thanks for taking a look. Thought I sent pics, I will try again. My tent is 3x3x5 feet. They are 6 weeks from germination and 11 inch tall. Lots of pre flowers and dense like a head of broccoli! lol. Variable fan to 450 cfm, got that. In Florida, not only to hot (for letting inside air. In a 12 x 12 room near return for air. Ordered a 6 inch flex pipe for tomorrow to stick in ceiling vent. I am mostly wanting to know if I should let veg a little longer. Tops are right at bottom of 4x4 mesh. I have to figure out how to do it. Like the name

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Plants look great man :+1:
I would definitely wait your at the about the min veg time @ six weeks for a photo so I would wait at least 2 more weeks unless of course they’re autos in which case you don’t need to flip.
In the mean time I would do some LST try to bend some from the middle out to the sides and tie them down to create some space.
Also you can start tucking to prevent shadow on your colas :v:

:pray:t2: Not autos, I will wait two more weeks. Already making sure :maple_leaf: don’t shadow bud sites. I think my 600 Mars Hydro is a bit small, that is why I did two instead of four plants. I think these will almost fill the net. I’ve thought about thinning out leaves. Hooking up to vent hopefully will take care of 88 degree heat and Robert says never trimm leaves until you are on the screen. One thing I keep thinking about, Thai Stick wich I was lucky enough to get in the late 60’s, man it was hot there!:boom:. Thanks for you and Saffa for your input. I was beginning to think I posted in the wrong way. Thanks

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Anytime bro :sunglasses: if you need any help just tag me. I don’t know a whole hell of a lit but if I can’t answer I can tag someone who does :v: