Need a little help from my friends


Ocean Forest


Are you sure your Ph meter is correct? When was the last time you calibrated?

FFOF can really be hard to get the Ph right, it always wants to go down, but eventually it will stay in place. For now, just let it go and the next time you water try Ph-ing the water to 7.0.


Just bought a new pH meter and checked it in the 7.0 fluid prior to using.


NFTG tanks pH. Do you think the excess nutrients are making the runoff low??


Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. The more nutes you use, the more the Ph will drop.


So, I guess the only true way to tell would be a slurry test??


That’s a good idea. Do you know how to do it? Just take some distilled water and add some soil to it. Let it sit for an hour, and test it.


Ok thanks. I’m ready to be done with this plant. It’s a real pain in the arse.


Tested the slurry and it came back at 6.2. A little low and I’ll try to correct it next feeding which will be late Saturday or Sunday. My ppm was really high too so I’m guessing the lock out is causing that too.


Excellent. 6.2 is not bad, so you’re almost there. You can get her up to 6.5 on the next watering. How high was the PPM?


My meter stops at 999


Oh, ok, that’s high. Lol. Eventually she’s gonna need a flush to get that number down.