Need a little help from my friends

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Gotta little issue on my plant. I’m guessing it’s calcium and mag related. Let me know what you think. PH is at 6.45

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It’s that or a pk issue. I normally go to growweedeasy dot com, they have a symptom checker and if I can’t find it there, then I’ll ask. You use qb’s right? Good quality light will definitely help the plant use up nutes fast


Yep. And I do use some nutes. I’m going to try and control the issue as best as I can and hopefully just out wait it until harvest.

Looks like a potassium deficiency with some secondary/micronute issue, too?
Is it just that one bit affected?

Yes just the tops. All other growth is fine.

It looks like a sulphur deficiency which is probably brought on by a Ph swing, or from too much calcium. What is your Ph?

Ph is 6.45

And how does one fix such issue. I could try farting on my plant I guess.


I think I would do a flush and start over with nutes. Not sure farting would help though.:wink:


@raustin Wouldn’t a sulphur deficiency start at the base of the leaves & radiate toward the tips?

Not being argumentative. I’ve been trying to work on my diagnostic skills, so want to know what you’re seeing that tells you sulphur, so I can add that info to my brain.

I was thinking potassium because the mottled yellow/green starting at tips/edges & hitting the center of the leaf, as well as the brown dots. And also in the bloom phase that could use a hit of extra K.


I just flushed 2 days ago. Would flushing again be ok. I remember having issues like this when using RO water awhile back. I stopped and used the dehumidifier water and but now it’s druer and didn’t have enough. I may grab some potassium and give her a dose.

Did you feed after you flushed? This issue showed up after the flush?

I fed the next watering.

You flushed 2 days ago & already had to water?

I looked at my notes. Flushed Monday. Fed yesterday. Should I feed directly after the flush

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Usually a small dose of food is good after a flush, since you just deliberately washed away most of the residual nutes. Not a heavy feed, maybe 1/4 dose.

It’s going to die!!

No, it’s going to LIVE! LIVE!! LIVE!!!

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I know just kidding


Was she showing the leaf issues before you flushed or after you flushed?