Need a little advice on what a pro would do

First time grow, and today is day 53 since germ. This is the second time I have trimmed and I did some lst, my only question is the little leaves on the branches close to the stalk(hard to see without zooming), should I remove those also or leave them? Also let me know if you see something that you would do. They are GSC, photo, form ILGM

You can remove the bud sites on the lower part of the plant. They won’t be productive.


Ok, I guess I have some more work to do because I left all the new growth, the little stuff, on all my plants, I knew that but wanted someone else to tell me, Thanks

Ah. I see what’s happening here. Yes. You can remove those tiny nodes if you wish. What @MidwestGuy was talking about was lollipoping. Which I see is not what you are doing. You have way over defoliated this girl. Only remove leaves to open up for air flow and to expose bud sights. Like this… see how you can see the tiny buds that would otherwise be covered by fan leaves. That’s all ya remove from the top. Then the amount of lollipop is up to the grower. But imagine a line, and remove everything below it. That’s lollipoping.

Lollipopping is an aggressive removal of lower vegetation, which was not at all what I was suggesting.

Ok. I missinterpreted that I guess. But still. I wouldn’t be removing anymore ppf absorbing anything.

And lolipoping is way less aggressive than mainlines. Just saying. Lol. I don’t find lolipoping aggressive at all honestly. My girls don’t even blink

Which would include lower bud sites. I remove the lower third of the plant and then remove the lower third of each branch.

I would disagree. But I defoliate early and often…

I’m going purely based on the plant telling us it isn’t getting enough light. Either the intensity is to low or not enough large fan leaves where left to get that energy. So she went twig like a plant grown in a window.

I do pretty much the same. When I think of lollipopping I think of only 3 to 4 nodes being left below the tips. I just cut off the stuff that doesn’t look like it will mature and ripen well.


That is lolipoping. Both things you said. The straight line thing is just a basis for newbies. These are lollipops as well. Other ones of mine.

If you ever hear someone say 6" lolipop or 9" or a measurement. They mean the length left. There is no exact number. Lollipoping just means removing all vegative growth below certain points. Which can change per node.

If you look at center picture it’s not a straight line. Upside down crescent.

I think it has to be a bad pic, the low branches are tied to the pot making it look really bare, I cut them loose after they spaced out some, Do you still think they are defoliated to much, if the branches were back were they were before I tied them it would look more lollipop, the little plant still has the branches tied to the pot

I ended up with two tall and two short and bushy, all had the exact same care, @MidwestGuy

Could you guys give me your input on if you would flip them, I looked and today is day 55, almost 8 weeks of veg, space isn’t a issue, I have two new Mars hydro TS1000 coming by this weekend and I figured I would change the lights and the timer, the lights I have are sufficient but I wanted more… @MidwestGuy @oldmarine @Budz

Forgot to do all the hashtags with the last reply, and thanks for your input

It’s really a matter of personal judgement. If you want a larger plant with more yield, then veg longer. If you think you will be happy with a plant that is ~50 to 100% larger producing flowers, then flip her now. I expect she is sexually mature by this point and is she is probably ready to flower. Just depends on what you want to do - how much space you have, what you want for yield, and so on.

If you’re not in need, no need for speed. Give her a few more weeks and you’ll see a much larger yield. Maybe 25-30%.

Looks nice…

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Personally I would’ve already flipped, since I like to keep a “revolving door”. But, givin the strain is 80% indica usually. You probably could go a little more. Indicas will usually double in height after flip. I’ve gotten sativas to triple or more tho.