Need a lite for tent

ok lm buying a 24x24x48 zimtown tent, so much bs about lites i need your help, one helpful comment i got is i want samsung lm 301 bulbs,so with that in mind ,i want a 1000 watt led lite, i am wanting to grow 2 autoflower plants,i know now that there not cheap, bot i would like to stay under $100 so feed me with your wisdom, thanks yall

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You won’t find a 1000w light built with LM301 series diodes. You can find 100w, 200w, up to 600w lights built with good Samsung diodes. A 200(ish) watt light is the most you will be able to fit in a 24x24 tent. Lights with more watts won’t fit in your tent.

I suggest one plant for a 24x24. 2 plants is too much for that small of a tent.

I would suggest an HLG 135 Rspec panel for a 24x24. You might be able to fit a 260 in a 24x24, but you’ll need to check the actual dimensions of the tent and light to ensure.

If budget is a concern, then look at Spider Farmer’s SF series lights. You can probably fit a SF-2000 (200 watts) in a 24x24. The SF lights are a little less expensive.

A 200 watt light is plenty for flowering cannabis in a 24x24.


Agree with @MidwestGuy

This is the third topic….

Hey man I running same kind of step up 27,27,63 inches bought the spider farm kit. Have the SF-1000 right now would be good for 1 plant. Doing my research and what u hear about the HLG 135 is probably true gets great reviews, but won a Amazon card for 150 and not on Amazon so ordered the new viparspec Xs15000 Samsung dio, and better meanwelll driver then the sf-1000. Only 120 did the math go to cocco for cannibals they have a tools u can use to help find out what u need light tent size etc. Going to try to do 3 in my space with the 2 lights hope this helps

Good for one light, in veg. Not enough to properly flower out a plant. You can get away with 150 watts if using an HLG QB135 R-Spec but not enough with those lower quality diodes in the Spyder Farmer. You’ll need 200 watts in that brand.

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I no I was under the understanding that my sf-1000 could do 1 plant that is what the manual says, and have seen other post with people using 1 light for 1 plant. But I believe in you guys fromILGMA I know u would steer me in wrong direction. So I have a grow journal posted, already 3 in the ground they are auto going to have a sf-1000 and a viparspec xs-15000 both have Samsung 301 dio and has a HLG 150 mean well driver better then the HLG 135 kit, will that be enough ? Or what do I do now ?

Deja vu

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Here example 1 plant 2x2x4 tent almost all filled my first time trying a scrog for real but put first on too soon. Plant is planet of the grapes about 5 weeks flower now


I have no doubt an sf 1000 will do fine in a 2x2 for one plant. Just not a big plant since 2x2 is limiting even for one plant sometimes. My sf 2000 is just two 1000 panels. I’m not ecstatic about it. But also not running out to replace it. When I upgraded I upgraded with an entire new tent and all. Still happy with the sf2000. Just overpriced. Since you build an HLG 260 for less

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Thanks a lot hear that, I will need to save for an upgrade I got another light coming but it’s viparspec XS1500 just a little better then my spider farm, always hear good thing about the HLG 135 and the 260. Is the 260 enough to do 2 plants full cycle? @Budz

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The big difference in vipar and spider and Mars ect… And HLG. Is that the HLG boards are made by Samsung directly with the very top bin diodes. No other company on the planet can say this.

And yes. A HLG 260 is fine to flower a 2x4 or 3x3 area.

Here are my two flowering tents. One uses sf2000 other uses HLG 260 quiv. The HLG hasn’t finished a grow yet tho. But an idea, this is a stiva dominant strain. ILGM choco, clones.

Top is HLG. Bottom is sf2000. The HLG will finish stronger.

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Hi here’s a couple of Samsung led grow lights on eBay

Have a look at these

Poor picture / color quality because the light was on. The frame is 23x23 square. One purple kush

If the word Amazon comes up when discussing grow lights, I’m automatically out

Don’t trust anything I see there for lights
1000 watt my ass

That Alexa LED is a 100.5 watt light. The manufacturer claims are misleading at best.

I have serious doubts that it is built with Samsung LM301 diodes. If they are lying about wattage, then they could be lying about other things too.

If the other light were built with LM301 diodes, then the efficacy would be higher than the stated 2.3umol. I call BS on that light too.

Thought it was odd saying uses hlg quantum boards. Doesn’t look like one up in that housing.

I have the next model up from it and it does have the Samsung leds and since I’ve been using this light my plants have been growing great and the flowers look great ,yes I think when they 1000watts it’s for how bright the light out put is

I’m glad you are happy with the lights, but a 1000w is not physically possible (even with LM301B diodes) unless the manufacturer has learned how to defy the laws of physics.

Physics schmiziks
Mine goes to eleven

I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just trying to prevent others from believing some of the BS these light manufacturers put out. The light is better than a burple, but what you get for the money is just not worth it.