Need a good RDWC pump

I’m looking for a pump for a 6 plant rdwc with a total volume of about 80 gallons.

I’ve found several on amazon in the 500-700 gpm range but every one of them had bad reviews when used inline. I don’t want it submerged because I already know heat is going to be an issue and I’m trying to avoid buying a chiller.

Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!


Eco plus make fantastic pumps. Highly recommend them.

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Yeah; good luck with that. Unless in a cold space like a basement that rez can sit on, you had better plan on a chiller. Seriously. There is nothing worse than developing root rot halfway through flower and have to throw the whole crop out.

Money well spent.

Then you can buy a good submersible pump and call it good. (I had a bad experience with in line pumps too).


The room I’m building my grow room in has central ac and a window unit. My plan was to build a separate spot for my reservoir and use the window unit to keep it 68° or so. I’ll also have my air pump in there so it will be pumping cool air in as well.

I’m also using ice chests as grow pots. I’ll probably insulate the lines as well.

Does that sound feasible?


That will add heat too. I don’t know if you can keep your rez below 70F but it’s worth a try. I grew in the winter in SoCal in the garage doing RDWC with cold temps at night and a 50F concrete floor and STILL had to buy a chiller.


My 2 cents is like @Myfriendis410 said, buy a chiller. When growing rdwc, your plants grow BIG. That’s just one less challenge you’ll have to worry about. I bought one and boy am I glad. I thought I would be able to do without… NOT!

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When I can afford one, I will for sure be buying a chiller. I would have bought one already, but I also needed a light upgrade. Soon though. I have trouble keeping the water temp at 72, let alone 70. Ice buckets changed 2x daily gets old, but completely necessary without a chiller.

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