Need a call on Amber


Hey all, need some expert reasurance here. This is a White Widow. Acording to what is piblished on the ILGM page, this is due outside in the niddle of October. I dont think it will make it that far. 60 days flower is end of the week. How do you all feel about the Amber in this?


Seems done to me IMHO @bmorgil From pics


Yep she looks ready to me. Those dates and lengths are strictly estimates. @bmorgil


This is a close up. Very nice.


Looks close enough to me :wink: but I tend to like uplifting


What did you use to take the picture? Very nice!

It’s really close. I like a couch lock so if it were me, maybe 24 to 48 hours of darkness and chop.


Double tap his pic. It will zoom in for you.


@suctionmed thanks, I’m all over it😊.


Thanks BIG time all! Sure is nice to be able to have some friends help you out. :grin:

I used a cheap clip on cell phone close up lens. It is amazing for what it cost, and easy to use. China… no stopping them!


Well it did a fine job @bmorgil! I have one but I guess I’ll have to spend more time with it.


You really have to hold still! It also has a very short focusing range, like an inch or so away.Tough without a tripod. I kind of hold the leaves between my fingers to keep the phone and the flower “hooked together” so to speak. I found that there are usually a few sots on the flower that are in good focus. It sure makes it easier than a Lupe!


Put a garbage bag over it maybe? Its 90 deg out. I prob shouldn’t do that I cant think of how to get it dark for 24 to 48.


Oh, shoot: outside grow in the ground. This is one reason why one should containerize when they grow…


im going to get one of those. thanks for the tip


AHHH! I have them in 6 gal pails. I see… bring them inside! What a novel idea. I feel dumb about that one :blush: . I only have one problem with that. As the forum survey pointed out… I am on the upper end of the site age curve. I can’t pick the damn things up!


@bmorgil, can you put a wheeled creeper under and roll into the house or garage?


Yep I’m there also. Many of us here have some health and/or financial problems that prevent us from doing what some think is an “easy” or “cheap” fix. In those cases, I look at the suggestion then look for an alternative solution that fits my situation. Our goals are the same and all the help, suggestions, encouragement, and friendships here are wonderful.


Need to start a colony. Lol. :slight_smile:


@suctionmed, And for Kool Aid at the Colony? :crazy_face: